Safer Sex Supplies

Commitment Statement

WesWell is committed to providing safer sex supplies to the Wesleyan student body, as it contributes to creating a healthier environment for those students who choose to be sexually active. Safer sex supply availability on campus sends the clear message that engaging in safer sex practices is important in any sexual relationship, no matter if it is short or long term. 

In addition, it increases the likelihood students will engage in safer sex practices due to the convenient availability of supplies. Having safer sex supplies widely available supports but will not replace other educational efforts by WesWell on sexual health. 


To ensure that all students who choose to use safer sex supplies have equitable access, WesWell has developed the following guidelines to govern the distribution of safer sex supplies. These supplies include male/penile/external condoms, female/vaginal/insertive condoms, oral dams, and gloves, of varying brands, styles and materials. 

  • Individual Students

Safer sex supplies are available at no charge in the WesWell Resource Room (1st floor of Davison Health Center - entrance by Malcolm X House) during the same hours Health Services is open and on a more limited basis at Health Services. Students are encouraged to take a small and reasonable amount to be used prior to expiration and return as needed for more; this also ensures adequate supplies are available for others.

  • Residence Life Student Staff

Many Residence Life student staff members choose to distribute safer sex supplies to their residents; these are available at no charge. All staff members should feel free to stop by WesWELL's Resource Room (1st floor of Davison Health Center - entrance by Malcolm X House) to pick up a pre-made supply bag.  Each pre-made supply bag will contain various brands and styles of safer sex supplies.  If a Residence Life staff member is hosting an educational or social event which requires large quantities of supplies, please review the guidelines for Student Organizations for Social Events (below).