Beth DeRicco Ph.D.

Beth DeRicco, Ph.D. has worked at the campus, state and national level, assisting institutions of higher education and their surrounding communities to implement, evaluate and refine policies and programs that address dangerous drinking and other drug use among college and university students, with a focus on putting research-based programs and policies into practice.

Dr. DeRicco has conducted applied research to assist campuses in moving science to practice around health and safety issues, and has been a principal or co-principal investigator on projects funded by local foundations, state agencies, and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Dr. DeRicco has directed a department of wellness and prevention services, nationally recognized training programs, been faculty at the graduate level, and is a nationally recognized speaker bringing a strong background in prevention theory, program planning, community mobilization and collaboration and developing and conducting training programs.

Dr. DeRicco is currently developing and managing a comprehensive evidence informed approach to working with the higher education community for Caron Treatment Centers.