American Studies

Comparative Americas Courses, 2001-2002


AMST 320FA Nationalism and the Politics of Gender and Sexuality*
AMST294 FA Diaspora, Transnationalism and Globalization
ANTH268 FA The Prehistory of the North American Continent
ENGL275 FA Postcolonial Literature
LAST219 FA Latin American Economic Development
LAST226 FA Spanish American Literature and Civilization
LAST230 FA Race-ing to Nationhood: State Formation and Blackness in the Caribbean
LAST242 FA Indigenous Politics and Democracy in Latin America
LAST245 FA Survey of Latin American History
LAST254 FA Spanish American Short Story
LAST300 FA Power and Resistance in Latin America
LAST302 FA Latin American Politics


MUSC251SP African Presences II-Music in the Americas
RELI385 SP Religion and the Social Construction of Race
LAST225 SP Individual and Society in Latin American Fiction
LAST226 SP Spanish American Literature and Civilization
LAST264 SP African Presences II: Music in the Americas
LAST271 SP Political Economy of Developing Countries
LAST309 SP East Asian and Latin American Development
LAST325 SP Gendered Futures: Women's Political and Economic Develop. Strategies in Latin Am. and the Caribbean