American Studies


FALL 2005
MUSC266, Music in the Americas
SOC258, Migration and Cultural Politics: Carribean Immigration Experiences in the US
ANTH266, Maya Peoples and Cultures: Ancient and Contemporary
LAST 188, Sophomore Seminar: Subject Peoples
LAST 226, Spanish Am Literature and Civilization
LAST 227, Latin American Theatre
LAST 291, From Royal Courts to Imperial Cities
LAST 302, Latin American Politics
LAST 306, Liberation and Theology and Pentecostalism
LAST 396, Justice, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation
ARHA 293, Art, Ritual and Cosmology of the Ancient Maya
CHUM 317, Africa in Brazil
SPAN 232, Dialogue of Poets: Classical and 20th C. Poetry in Spain and Latin America
LAST 219, Latin Am Economic Development
LAST 226, Spanish Am Literature and Civilization
LAST 238, Biculturalism, Border-Crossing, and Nonconformism
LAST 241, Exile and Immigration in Latino and Hispanic Literatures
LAST 245, Survey of Latin American History
LAST 256, Nomadic Islanders: Contemporary Caribbean Diasporas.
LAST 271, Political Economy of Developing Countries
LAST 383, East Asian and Latin American Development