Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies

Splendid Details
Image: Haori, Japanese women's jacket, before 1921, sewn and dyed silk, detail.

Splendid Details

January 27 - March 5, 2010
Open Daily 12-4 except Mondays

Culturally distinct and stylistically varied, the textiles in Splendid Details revel in decadent detail and rich colors. Chinese silk jackets, Japanese robes and Mongolian horsemen's gowns are rendered in intricate embroideries and colorful dyed patterns: vibrant floral patterns shimmer against delicate silk, deep gold embroideries of Chinese characters and symbols illuminate black satin, and elaborately woven dragons sport in splendid cloud schemes. The collection celebrates the indulgent spirit of East Asian artistry and the careful craftsmanship of needle, thread and dye.