Information Technology Services (ITS)

Fifth Floor, 265 Church Street

Information technology is an integral component of the teaching, learning, and research environment at Wesleyan. Faculty members and students at Wesleyan continue to increase their use of technology both inside and outside the classroom for instruction and communication. To facilitate the use of technology for teaching and learning, ITS at, provides a wide range of computer services and is continuously developing new initiatives. All up-to-date and relevant information about technology at Wesleyan can be found at that Web site. Below we choose to highlight just a few of the student-oriented services ITS provides.

  • Public Labs

    ITS operates six public personal computing facilities stocked with powerful late-model Intel/Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. These labs, some of which are open 24 hours a day, offer access to numerous specialized software applications in the arts, social sciences, humanities, and sciences.

    Additionally, all labs are connected to the campus network and to the Internet and provide access to central file and print servers, spreadsheets, e-mail, the Olin Library catalog, and various databases on- and off-campus.

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  • ResNet

    ResNet is the Wesleyan residential computer network, which connects most student housing (with the exception of the wood-frame buildings) to the rest of the Wesleyan network.  Once on the network, students have access to both the Internet and all of Wesleyan's computer resources including email, electronic portfolio, file servers and web space.

    There is no charge for the use of the network but all students must register their computers when they arrive on campus in the fall.  

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  • Wesleyan Computer Store and Service Center

    The availability of these rich computing facilities makes it possible for Wesleyan students to fully experience modern computing resources without needing to own a personal computer. Still, almost 90 percent of students have their own computers, and to service those, ITS operates the Wesleyan Computer Store and Service Center. We sell and repair Apple Macintoshes, Dell, and Compaq computers, printers from various manufacturers, plus software and supplies —all at highly competitive prices and preconfigured with Wesleyan-specific software.

    We contact students during the summer with back-to-school specials, and we encourage students to visit the virtual Wesleyan Computer Store ( to check out our latest offerings and prices.

  • WesTel

    WesTel telephone and voicemail services are available to students residing in most university housing. Phone service is automatically turned on and waiting for you at your room. A new voicemail box is waiting to be initialized (the temporary password is the same as your four (4) digit telephone number). Then register your service online in your Electronic Portfolio.

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  • WesPortal

    WesPortal is a collection of individualized Web pages that provide students with an electronic forum to store and present academic and personal information, access resources on the campus network, send e-mail, and much more. WesPortal includes a standard academic section and an optional personal section designed to present information about a student to faculty advisors and other audiences. The academic section includes information about the student’s academic career at Wesleyan. The personal section is entirely managed by the student with respect to both content and security. In this section, students can include academic papers, works of prose and poetry, mathematical proofs, lab reports, scanned images of artwork, video clips, as well as information on extracurricular activities, travel, career goals, and interests. Students can also determine who can read these pages by selecting from different security options. Click here to learn how to grant guest access to your WesPortal. The WesPortal also provides students with access to their term bill, the online catalog and databases at Olin Library; links to administrative departments; a schedule of campus events; e-mail; and a personal calendar. Innovative solutions such as WesPortal are evidence of Wesleyan’s commitment to the appropriate use of technology in all aspects of student life. Please visit for a Q&A section about technology at Wesleyan.

    All faculty, students, staff and alumni have WesPortal. Click here to access the WesPortal and enter your e-mail username and password to enter. WesPortal integrates many of Wesleyans current online resources with exciting new features. For more information about WesPortal's  many features, click here.

  • Classroom Renovation Project

    Wesleyan is committed to using technology in support of teaching and learning. We are in the fourth year of an approximately $8 million classroom renovation project, and, gradually, the majority of classrooms will be equipped with state-of-the-art instructional media equipment. In addition we now have two interactive computer classrooms in which every student has access to a computer used in a seminar-type setting. We have one wireless interactive computer classroom and are planning two more.

    Students can use their own wireless laptops in those rooms or use a laptop supplied by ITS for the duration of the class period. Also this year we will continue to provide to all students Microsoft Office and Microsoft operating systems software. Go to if you would like more information about this program.

  • Helpdesk

    The Helpdesk staff is available to answer any questions regarding ITS-supported software and services. To submit a support request, go to or call 860.685.4000. The services normally provided by the Helpdesk include account setup and password problems, over-the-phone support for students’ personal computers, questions regarding other ITS support services, and disk recovery issues.

    Any problems that can not be solved over the phone or via e-mail and that require on-site troubleshooting may be handled by the residential computing consultants (RCCs). If Helpdesk staff determine that a particular computer issue is in need of this service, they will submit a request to an RCC in your area. An RCC will contact you about your problem within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.