Wesleyan Veterans Organization Members

  • Carlos Ordonez '25


    Intended major: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Astronomy
    Intended minor: Planetary Science
    Extracurriculars: Astronomy Research (all year), E&ES Research (Summer 2024)

    Hi, I’m Carlos Ordonez. I am currently a Junior (2025) at Wesleyan University. My plan is to major in E&ES and Astronomy and do a minor in Planetary Sciences. So far, I've been focusing on what I want to do at Wesleyan, seeking out opportunities, as well as meeting students with similar interests. When I have time, I like to get some food and/or beer with fellow vets or friends from school. When I don't have anything to do and it's sunny out, I like to go on hour-long motorcycle rides. If you have any questions about family housing on campus, Astronomy, E&ES or motorcycles feel free to reach out.
  • Kay Perkins '24


    Intended major: English
    Extracurriculars: Theater, Film, Improv, and Dance

    Hi, I’m Kay Perkins. I’m a Senior, class of 2024. I’m majoring in English and plan to pursue a career in journalism and/or film. I’m involved in theater, film, improv, and dance. When not focusing on school I enjoy reading, writing, video games and music. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in any of the stuff I mentioned or if you have questions about bringing a pet/ESA to campus.
  • Desaree Edwards '25


    Intended major: Neuroscience and Behavior
    Intended minor: Human Rights Advocacy
    Extracurriculars: Wesleyan Veteran’s Organization

    Hi, I’m Desaree Edwards. I’m a Junior, class of 2025. I’m planning to major in Neuroscience and Behavior and minor in Human Rights Advocacy. I’m interested in pursuing human rights law and working to combat human trafficking. When I’m not struggling with chemistry or panic writing a paper, I’m spending time with my partner and my two puppies. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in becoming a commuter student. I also have experience with VR&E and VA benefits. If I don’t know the answer, I am happy to connect you with someone that can help. I’m excited you are considering Wes!
  • Taylor Tjosaas '24


    Intended major: Neuroscience and Behavior
    Extracurriculars: rugby, reserves

    Hi, I’m Taylor Tjosaas, class of 2024, Neuroscience and Behavior. (Still trying to figure what I want to be when I grow up). Outside of class I play Rugby and work at my reserve unit. In my free time, I enjoy tinkering on the sprinter van and taking it out to the woods with my partner.
    If someone has questions about living with their non-spouse partner on campus, returning to school after a long time off, or balancing reserve life as a full-time student; I can share my experiences in these areas.
  • Trace Forsyth '25


    Intended major: CSS
    Extracurriculars: Men's Rugby & Wesleyan Investment Group

    Hi, I’m Trace Forsyth, class of 2025, CSS major. Outside of class, I am involved in the Men’s Rugby Team and I am a part of the Wesleyan Investment Group. I enjoy staying active through sports. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about pursuing a corporate career, rugby, or the CSS major.