Pet Policy

Pets are not permitted in any student housing with the exception of fish in 10 gallon tanks or smaller. No other pets or animals are permitted in student residences at any time, even for a brief visit. The University has a pet policy because of the health and safety considerations of our students and staff and the challenges presented by adding animals to our already densely-populated residential campus. Students who disregard this policy undermine the legitimate needs of other students and the campus community.  We ask that if you currently have an unauthorized pet on campus, please remove it from campus and not bring it back. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residential Life by submitting a ticket through WesPortal or visit Accessibility Services (Contact page).

Students and their roommates who have an unapproved pet or animal found in their residence are subject to the following:

First Offense: $300 fine and referral to the Community Standards Board

Second and Subsequent Offenses:  $500 fine and further judicial action up to and including suspension
Regular follow up visits will be made to ensure the animal has been removed.

Students who, because of a disability, seek approval for an emotional support animal must contact Accessibility Services in order to submit a request.  This is a formal process that requires appropriate supporting documentation. Students who bring an emotional support animal to campus prior to approval from Accessibility Services and Residential Life are subject to fines and judicial action.  

Students with disabilities who require the use of a service dog are encouraged to contact Accessibility Services to discuss the service animal policy prior to residence.