Graduate Housing Handbook 2013—2014


Students must sign a binding lease with the University upon receiving keys for their unit. Signing the lease indicates an agreement to live in graduate housing for the duration of one academic year. Leases must be signed in the Office of Residential Life and we will also need to see identification (license, passport) to verify you are the occupant. Graduate students who have a domestic partner, spouse, or significant other living with them must also be present with identification when the lease is signed. Students in a domestic partnership will have to submit an Affadavit of Domestic Partnership which can be picked up at our Office. All students when signing their lease will be asked to list who will be living in their unit for the year. Although Residential Life collects the signed leases, Physical Plant maintains the facilities.  Any facilities concerns (repairs, damages, heating issues, etc) should be reported to Physical Plant at

All leases end on May 31st  each year. Current, matriculating, graduate residents who wish to remain in Wesleyan University housing for the following year are required to sign and submit a new lease prior to June 15th.

Please note that the lease for new graduate students begins in August on the date they pick up their keys and continues until May 31st. If you decide to break your lease before May 31st, you have to give 60 days notice in writing and will be charged a full month's rent as a penalty. The lease assures housing at a particular location only for the length of the contract. Although it is unusual to require residents to move to a new location within campus housing, the University reserves the right to do so when necessary. Except in cases of unforeseen safety concerns, a minimum of 60 days notice will be given.


Graduate students who will not be attending Wesleyan for Fall 2014 must move out of their units by May 31, 2014. By that date, students must return their keys to the Office of Residential Life. Any requests for lease extensions* must be submitted in writing to the Office of Residential Life by May 1, 2014. Lease extentions will be reviewed on a case by case basis and only in extreme circumstances will the Office permit students to extend their lease past June 15, 2014. Students granted a lease extension must grant Physical Plant access to their unit to evaluate and execute preparation for the next tenant and pay the additional rent incurred.

*Please note: lease extension are not guaranteed 

Family Housing

In the event we have units available after accommodating all families with children in family housing, we will allow childless couples to rent the open units. The availability of these units will be reassessed each year. If the following year we need a family housing unit for a current resident who is having a child or a new student moving with their family we will need to relocate the couple that does not have children.

We have found that Park Washington is not conducive to families due to the size of the apartments and the thin walls which conduct a lot of noise. Residents with children will be assigned to wood frame family graduate houses.

Summer Alternative Policy

The Office of Residential Life is offers a Summer Alternative Policy to graduate students residing in University housing during the spring and following fall semester. The policy is for students who need to live rent-free for the summer (May-August), but continue residency when they return. Students who wish to take advantage of the Summer Alternative must do the following:

1. Contact Amy Alfano, Assignments Coordinator, about participation in the Summer Alternative
*You must have specific move-in and move-out dates when you contact the office.

2. Complete an online Graduate Housing Application for the following year.

3. Move all belongings out of the unit (items must be stored in off-campus storage)

4. Return the key to Amy Alfano during office hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday -Friday)

5. Once the online application is complete, key returned, and the unit is inspected by facilities, rent is suspended for the leave period.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive the same assignment, however, we will try and reassign as many participants as we can. If any of the above steps are not followed, we reserve the right to charge rent since the unit is considered occupied.

Rent Payment

Rent is deducted from the stipend of the graduate student unless the student’s stipend does not cover the monthly rent or the student is no longer receiving a stipend. These students must submit a monthly check payable to Wesleyan University. Checks must be submitted to the attention of; Sherri Condon, 237 High Street, #422A, Middletown, CT, 06459.

Living in Your Graduate Unit


You are not permitted to grant occupancy to anyone who is not a party to this lease except for your children.  If you wish to provide access for additional residents of your apartment, you must first make the request to the Assistant Director of Residential Life.  Permission will be determined based on reasonable capacity for the unit. 

Guest Policy

Anyone not listed on the lease as either the student or immediate family member (domestic partners/spouses, children, or legal dependents) are considered guests by the University. Graduate guests do not need to be registered for short stays (maximum of 3 days). However, if someone has a guest for longer than 3 days, they must complete the Guest Access Form found on our website.

Once you notify us of the guest, in most instances, we will be able to give them card access (if necessary) and a key to your residence. The key and card have to be returned to our Office the day the guest leaves.


A limited number of furnished units are available to the graduate community. Students wishing to change their housing to a type that does or does not provide furniture must come in to the Office of Residential Life to request a room change into an assignment that accommodates those particular needs. Rental Properties will not move furniture into or out of a unit.

Group Housing – all bedrooms are furnished with a extra long twin bed, a dresser, a desk and a chair. Common areas are furnished by the University.

Park Washington (256 Washington Street) – a small number of the apartments are furnished with a full bed, a dresser, a desk, a chair, a sofa, a table and chairs.  These furnished spaces are extremely limited in number.


Cleaning service is not provided in graduate housing.  You are responsible for cleaning your house.  It is also expected that the house be left in a clean condition at the end of your lease (refrigerator cleaned out, stove and oven cleaned, bathtub/shower cleaned and all trash, personal furniture and items removed) or you will incur cleaning charges.

Renters’ Insurance

Wesleyan is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to personal property of its students or guests.  The Office of Residential Life highly recommends that each student at Wesleyan consider purchasing personal property insurance through a renter’s policy or a homeowner’s policy rider.  An example of a renter’s policy can be found at:


If you have a basement that is not locked, you may use it for storage for the duration of a lease.  Items cannot block boilers, fuse boxes, doorways, and other areas that Physical Plant may have  to access for maintenance and emergencies.  All belongings must be removed when a lease ends or the individual will be fined and the items will be  removed by Physical Plant immediately after the tenant leaves.

Community Standards

Community standards have been developed by students, faculty, staff and Middletown neighbors in order to better facilitate neighborly relations.  All graduate students are bound to these standards and are responsible for knowing and understanding them.  A copy of these community standards are located within the Policies & Procedures section of the Residential Life website at

Housing Guidelines

Students are responsible for basic care and upkeep of their residential area in accordance with the University’s “Housing Guidelines” Residential areas that are not found to be in acceptable condition will result in mandatory professional cleaning at the student’s expense, a fine, and/or possible relocation. Students will be held individually responsible for damages or guideline violations in their assigned room and may be held collectively responsible for damages or guideline violations in common areas. Fines for violations will be charged to the student’s account

Fire Safety Guidelines

All University-owned housing has fire/life safety equipment. It is there to protect you and your neighbors. Please do not tamper with them and report any problems to Physical Plant Customer Service at 860-685-3400 or

In the event of a fire alarm activation, you must evacuate the building via the closest exit and call 911 or Public Safety (860-685-3333) to report the details of the incident.

Do not cover, or in any way tamper with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, pull stations, horn/strobe devices, sprinkler heads or pipes, or fire extinguishers. There is a $500 fine for tampering with any fire/life safety equipment.

The following items are NOT allowed in resident rooms or common areas (including porches) because of the fire and safety risk:

  • Used smoking materials—no smoking within 25’ of any university building
  • Candles or Incense - even decorative candles are  prohibited
  • Ungrounded extension cords (two prong); only grounded (three prong type)  extension cords and fused power strips are permitted.
  • Tapestries hanging on walls or ceilings
  • Halogen lamps
  • Portable electric or space heaters
  • Kerosene or propane lamps, or any combustible fuel or devices
    • Vaporizers—the type that uses a ceramic heating element to diffuse aromatherapy herbs and oils.
    • Plug adapters (3 prong to 2 prong)
      • Cooking Appliances are allowed in the kitchens only - which includes anything with a heating element, such as hot plate, electric kettle, electric frying pan or wok, toaster or toaster oven, waffle maker, electric grill, popcorn popper, rice cooker, etc.
      • Coffee makers and water kettles are only allowed if they have an automatic shut-off.
      • Charcoal or Gas Grills are not allowed in any university-owned houses or residences, or on porches or balconies at ANY time (i.e. grills can not be stored on porches).
      • Open burning - bonfires, camp fires, fire pits, etc. (Also prohibited by City of Middletown ordinance)
      • Explosives, ammunition, fireworks, and incendiary devices ($500 fine)
      • Mercury thermometers – due to the potential environmental hazard and significant clean-up costs associated with a mercury spill or contamination, mercury thermometers are prohibited in any student residence.

For more information regarding fire safety, including policies and procedures and educational resources, please visit the Campus Fire Safety website at


Pets are not permitted in any student housing with the exception of fish in 10 gallon tanks or smaller. No other pets or animals are permitted in student residences at any time, even if for a brief visit. Students and their roommates who have a pet or animal found in their residence are subject to the following:

First Offense: $300 fine and referral to the Student Judicial Board
Second and Subsequent Offenses:
  $500 fine and further judicial action up to and including suspension

Regular follow up visits will be made to ensure the animal has been removed.

Students who, because of a disability, seek approval for an assistance animal must request a reasonable accommodation through Disability Resources. This is a formal process that requires appropriate supporting documentation. A determination is then made regarding whether it is reasonable for the animal to be on campus. For policies regarding service animals, please contact Disability Resources. Students must not bring the assistance animal to campus until they have received approval from Disability Resources and Residential Life.  Any student who has an animal in residence prior to approval is subject to a fine and judicial action. 

Mail Service

The University has a small post office located in the Usdan University Center for outgoing mail.

Graduate students who have an assistantship with a department on campus may inquire at their department as to receiving mail there. This is the most popular option for graduate students. Mail may also be delievered to their housing location.

Students Living in

Mailing Address


Park Washington Apts.

256 Washington St., (Apt#)
Middletown, CT 06457

Student Name
256 Washington St, #100
Middletown, CT 06457

Group Houses

Your Street Address
Middletown, CT 06457

Student Name
43B Home Ave
Middletown, CT 06457


Keys are distributed through the Office of Residential Life. Students will receive one set of keys for their assignment and are not  authorized to make copies of University-issued keys.  Students requiring additional keys for partners/family members must contact Residential Life . Additional keys will only be issued to people registered with Residential Life.  Students who have lost their apartment/house keys must report the loss to the Office of Residential Life.  Charges for lost keys will be billed to student accounts.

A lost, stolen, or misplaced key to ANY residential graduate space will result in a lock change.  The cost of a lock change for graduate housing is $50 for materials, $20 for labor and $5 per key needing to be cut according to the capacity of the space and including at least one spare key for the Office of Residential Life.  Please keep in mind that most graduate houses require two cylinders each (one for the front door and one for the back door) and that we will usually cut three copies of the key for all family housing and Park-Wash apartments.  For group housing, we will cut two bedroom keys and one front door key more than the number of possible residents.

For lock-outs, students may get a spare key at the Office of Residential Life, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. –  5 p.m.  During non-business hours, students should contact Public Safety at 860-685-2345 or extension 2345, located at 208 High Street, to gain access to their unit.  Public Safety cannot provide students with additional keys.  You will be charged $10 for Public Safety to come and unlock your door.

Work Order Requests

Damages and repairs must be reported to Customer Service via email at or telephone at 860-685-3400. When reporting a work order request, students should include their name, phone number, address, and specific repairs needed.

Laundry Facilities


Laundry Facility Location

Payment Accepted

Park Washington Apts.

Park Washington


258 Court Street

258 Court Street


Group Housing

One-Person & Family Housing

1 Vine - basement

253 Pine Street




All students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles if they park on campus (including driveways).  Student lots are located in several locations and require a student parking sticker.  You will be ticketed if you park in a lot and you do not have a parking sticker.  Public Safety enforces parking rules and regulations by ticketing, immobilizing, and towing.  Copies of parking regulations are available at the Public Safety website at

There is limited parking available on campus and around residential units.  Units at Park Washington are limited to one vehicle per apartment. 

All other graduate housing units have limited availability; students whose units share a driveway with others are encouraged to negotiate an acceptable parking agreement with members of those units.  Street parking is available; but students need to look for signs that designate parking related to garbage pick up and street cleaning. During times of snow, the City of Middletown may declare a snow ban, requiring that all cars be removed from the streets.  The Office of Public Safety, upon notification of such a snow ban, will inform all students, faculty and staff via email.

Trash and Recycling

For students living in houisng other than Park Washington apartments, trash and recycling are picked up on a weekly basis. Trash and recycling containers must be brought to the curb the night before the  scheduled pick-up and the containers must be returned to the rear of the house the same day as the pick-Items available for recycling: glass bottles, metal cans, #1—#7 plastic containers, drink boxes, milk cartons, aluminum foil,  & pie  plates, mixed paper, magazines & catalogs, Please make sure all items are clean before setting them out for recycling.  Please check the Middletown's Sanitation Division website for more information on the recycling and trash pick up schedule. 

Park Washington residents us ethe trash and recycling dumpsters located in the parking lot.