Medical Leaves and Leave of Absence

Below is a checklist of things to do if you are taking a medical leave or a leave of absence.

1. Inform Residential Life by either email ( or by phone (860-685-3550) that you are taking a leave.

2. Students are expected to leave campus as soon as their leave is official. Remove ALL of your belongings from your room and from all common areas.  Do not leave any of your things behind, as Residential Life reserves the right to assign students to the space if necessary and it is not guaranteed to be available upon your return. Any belongings not taken with you will be removed and discarded at your expense. If you require storage space, please see the storage options.

3. Leave your residence in good condition as Physical Plant will be inspecting it for damages.

4. Return your residential key(s) to the Office of Residential Life prior to leaving campus. If you cannot return your keys during business hours, please use the key drop box located on the High Street side of North College. The drop box can be found next to the glass walkway and there are envelopes on the left side of he box for you to place your key in before depositing in the drop box. Failure to do so may result in a lock change for which the student is held financially responsible.

5. Your housing contract is effectively terminated the day following the change to your student status.  You must check-out of University housing, return your residential key, and vacate your room by this time. Failure to do so may result in the student having to pay both a fine and a room charge. These refunds are pro-rated up to the value remaining in the semester in which the withdrawal occurs. No refunds are granted on or after December 1 for fall semester and May 1 for spring semester.

Please note that dining plans are deactivated based on the withdrawal date recorded by the Registrar. 

If you decide to return to Wesleyan, you can find information about securing housing here.
Please email if you have any questions or concerns.