Taking a Leave, Transferring or Withdrawing

Fall Leaves:

Continuing students who are considering taking a leave of absence for the fall semester, transferring, or withdrawing from the university, should notify their class dean prior to July 1.  Notification received between July 1 and July 31 will result in a $500 charge, and those received after July 31 will result in a $1000 charge. 

Students should submit a ticket to Residential Life asking for an exemption from the fee if their situation was due to emergent circumstances beyond their control. 

Taking Leave during the semester:

If you are taking a medical leave, leave of absence, withdrawing or have a change in your student status that otherwise requires you to vacate your university housing, you must:

1. Inform Residential Life by submitting a ticket through your WesPortal or by phone (860-685-3550).

2. Plan to leave campus the day following the change to your student status. Remove ALL of your belongings from your room and from all common areas.  Do not leave any of your things behind, as Residential Life reserves the right to assign students to the space if necessary and it is not guaranteed to be available upon your return. Any belongings not taken with you will be removed and discarded at your expense. If you require storage space, please see the storage options.

Please note that unless prior approval has been granted, a student must vacate University housing by noon the day following termination of their student status in the event of withdrawal, resignation, graduation, completion of credit requirements, their last final, official leave or disciplinary action; or by the last day of the contract term.  Failure to do so may result in the student having to pay additional room charges and/or a referral to the CSB.  Upon vacating their room, the student must follow established check-out procedures as provided by the Office of Residential Life and the Physical Plant Office. 

3. Leave your residence in good condition as Physical Plant will be inspecting it for damages.

4. Return your residential key(s) to the Office of Residential Life prior to leaving campus. If you cannot return your keys during business hours, please use the key drop box located outside of North College, between the North College and South College buildings. The drop box can be found next to the glass walkway and there are envelopes on the left side of the box for you to place your key in before depositing in the drop box. Failure to do so may result in a lock change for which the student is held financially responsible.

Students should consult with Student Accounts regarding the Refund Policy.

Returning to Wesleyan

Students returning to Wesleyan after an absence can secure housing by participating in Housing Selection or completing a housing preference form located on our website:

  • Spring Housing Preference form is available in Mid-October each year
  • Fall Housing Preference Form is available in Late April each year

In order to be eligible for Housing Selection, you need to do the following:

  • Contact your class dean to discuss your return to Wesleyan
  • Your class Dean will need to update your enrollment status to reflect any change
    • This will need to be done in a timely manner to ensure your eligibility for Housing Selection. The Housing Selection Calendar can be found here

 Not all students are guaranteed housing when they return to Wesleyan. Students requesting housing after November 1st for the spring semester, or June 1st for the fall semester will be assigned after all other students if space is available.

Assignments are made based on space availability and we cannot guarantee a specific assignment.

Information for students seeking a disability-related housing accommodation can be found here.

If you have any questions please submit a ResLife ticket through your WesPortal or call our office at 860-685-3550.