Housing Accommodations

The Office of Residential Life is committed to supporting all residential students and recognizes that some students have residential needs that can best be met prior to the standard housing selection process. Our office works closely with Accessibility Services in providing these accommodations.

Process for Requesting a Housing Accommodation

Students requesting a disability-related housing accommodation should contact Accessibility Services and submit all necessary documentation by the established deadlines below. For more information please visit Accessibility Services Housing Accommodation Page or their Contact Page.  A student can request an accommodation at any time during the academic year, however Wesleyan University cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet late applicants' accommodation needs.

  • Incoming first-year, transfer students and graduate students:
    • July 7th
    • January 1st  for mid-year transfers
  • Returning undergraduate and graduate students:
    • Housing Accommodations requests and all necessary documentation for the following academic year are due to Accessability Services by 5:00PM on March 15th
    • November 1st for following spring semester

Please note that housing accommodations are only for the student requesting the accommodation, and may not include current or potential roommates.  Residential Life will evaluate the recommendation and spaces available to determine the appropriate accommodation in consultation with the Housing Accommodation Review Committee. While a student may feel strongly they should be placed in a specific residence, assignment are based on space availability and the needs identified in the disability documentation received. A student does have the right to decline an offered assignment, however Residential Life may not be able to offer another accommodation.