Housing Selection

All Housing Selection registration needs to be completed online in your WesPortal between March 22 and June 1, 2021. A more complete timeline of important dates can be found below. You will see your class rank/point value on a table in the status tab of the housing selection website. To participate in the Housing Selection process, you must first agree to the terms of the Housing Contract and Lead Paint Disclosure. If you are applying to live in Alpha Delta Phi or Psi Upsilon you must still agree to the terms of the Housing Contract.

More information on spaces added for the Fall 2021 semester can be found using this link: 70 Main


March 15 Housing Accommodation requests due to Accessibility Services

Off-campus application opens

Program House/Copenhagen/CBLV applications opens

23-24 Mid-semester recess
26 Off-campus applications due
29 Off-campus decisions released
April 5 Moodle site opens

Program House/Cope/CBLV applications due

General Room Selection section opens

16 Program House/Cope/CBLV decisions released
19 Program House/Cope/CBLV decisions due
June 1 Housing Selection registration closes
3 Group ranks released
7 Woodframe and High/Low Moodles due 12:00 pm (EST)
8 General Room Selection (GRS) day 1
10 GRS groups reconfigure
11 GRS day 2
16 GRS day 3 


Point values are assigned to a student based on the number of semesters completed at Wesleyan, including the current one*. Point values are as follows:
0 - 1 semester: 0.5 of a point
2 semesters: 1.0 point

3 semesters: 1.5 points
4 semesters: 2.0 points
5 or more semesters: 3.0 points 

Note: semesters count towards point accrual for all students who studied fully remote and/or studied abroad through a Wesleyan program.

*Points for transfer students are based on their class year, rather than the chart above. Transfer students receive 3 points if they have two semesters or less before they graduate, 2.5 if three, 2 if four, etc.

If all class appropriate spaces were filled before your rank selection as a rising junior, or all beds were filled before you selected as a rising sophomore, you will receive a slight adjustment in point value.  Any increase in points will be reflected on the housing selection site. Point adjustments must be used for the Housing Selection process the following year, unless you have been excluded from participating in that Housing Selection process because you have applied for fall study abroad.

The point values for all group members will be averaged for a group point value. All groups with the same point value are randomly ordered by a computer and assigned selection numbers that will determine the order in which they will choose rooms on Room Selection days.

Key Definitions:

  • Browsing: the period before group ranks are established, when you can peruse the room selection site and available housing options.

  • Bookmarkingthe period after group ranks are determined, when you can "bookmark" specific places where you would like to live.  You MUST bookmark a room in order to choose it during the room selection process. Plan to bookmark at least the number of spaces equal to your rank number.
  • Rank Number: Number given to an individual or group who are registered for Room Selection. The number will appear on April 29, 2021 after we run ranks and designates which selection day you will participate in.
  • Proxy: Student who is authorized to select housing for another student that cannot attend their housing selection appointment. The ResLife office may also be asked to serve as proxy.
  • Waitlist: Comprised of rising sophomores who did not receive housing during their selection time, students returning from leave and students that did not register for housing selection. These students will be assigned over the summer.

Key points to understand about the Housing Selection Process:

  • If you will be a student at Wesleyan University in the fall of 2021, you MUST participate in the Housing Selection process.
  • If you currently have off campus status, you must still participate in Housing Selection to request off campus status for the 2021-2022 academic year. Applications open March 22 and the deadline to apply is March 26.
  • The process is complex and entails several steps.  You must pay close attention to the timeline. You are responsible for meeting all deadlines. No exceptions will be made.
  • E-mail updates will be sent periodically throughout the process. Please take a moment to review them when you receive them.

For more Housing Selection information, enter your WesPortal and click on “Housing & Staff Selection” under “Residential Life”.