Graduate Housing Options

Graduate Student Housing at Wesleyan includes 3 types of housing. Please click the following links for further information:

Summer Option Policy

Students who are mandated by their department to study in an alternative location for the summer may apply for the “Summer Option” which allows them to suspend their lease during their time away from campus. Students who want to take advantage of the “Summer Option” have to be engaged in academic work required by the University that results in having to live in another location.  It must be approved by their academic department. Students who want to suspend their lease for travel or other personal reasons will not be permitted to participate in the summer option and will have to pay rent for those months.

1. Contact Residential Life by submitting a ticket about participation in the Summer Option through your WesPortal. 

2. Complete a Graduate Housing Intent form for the Fall Semester.

3. Move all belongings out of the unit (this includes all personal furniture). Items must be stored in off-campus storage (Park Washington residents can leave their belongings in their storage unit).

4. Return the key to Residential Life during office hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday).

5. Once the online planning form is complete, key returned, and the unit is inspected by facilities, rent is suspended for the leave period.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive the same assignment. However, we will try and retain assignments for as many participants as we can.  if any of the above steps are not followed, we reserve the right to charge rent since the unit is considered occupied.