Students Returning to Wesleyan Spring Semester from a Fall Program

There are three ways students can secure housing when they return for the spring semester (preference form, program housing application and pull-in form). Please note that housing is often limited for students returning in the spring.  We encourage students to study abroad in the spring or for an entire academic year so they can participate in the full selection process for the fall semester.

Spring Preference Form
Students returning from abroad or leave for spring are assigned to vacancies that open over the winter break and Residential Life will not know in advance how many singles or apartments will be available. Students are encouraged to complete a Spring Housing Preference form that can be found in their WesPortal.  Students returning in the spring should be open to a variety of housing options since there are never enough vacancies in apartments and singles to accommodate all the requests. The more housing options a student lists as a preference, the more likely it is that we may be able to meet one of them. Point adjustments are not granted for mid-year placement. 

Program Housing
Spaces become available in program housing due to students studying abroad or taking a leave mid-year. If you are interested in program housing in the spring, applications are accessed through the Residential Life section of your WesPortal. Please click on the "Housing and Staff Selection" link starting the first week in November to access them. A timeline for the mid-year program house process is available in the selection website.

Pull-In Form
Starting on November 1st, the pull-in form is available to students currently living on campus. The pull-in form allows any student that will be remaining on campus for the spring with a vacancy in their unit, to pull someone in for the spring semester. Students that are leaving for the spring semester are not able to pull a student into the space they are vacating.  Residential Life will confirm that all returning students received class appropriate housing prior to considering requests for students from a different class year. The pull-in form can only be completed by the residents remaining on campus for the spring and all room/housemates must sign off on the form. These forms are due to Residential Life in December and once submitted, the Assignments Coordinator will reach out to the student being pulled in to confirm the assignment.

Students Returning to Wesleyan Fall Semester from a Spring Program

If you plan to study abroad for the fall semester, you are not able to enter the Housing Selection Process. Submitting an application of intent with the Office of Study Abroad is considered your housing choice for the fall semester, regardless of program acceptance. Those participants with program house/community based living placement will be removed from their house or community and the space will be assigned to someone during the open bid process.

If a student decides not to study abroad, they must contact Office of Study Abroad before the housing selection process begins. This guarantees a student can participate in room selection, but we cannot guarantee their program house or community based living placement will still be available at that late date.

Students that are not accepted into a program will complete the Fall Housing Preference form available in their WesPortal starting in late April and will be assigned by Residential Life over the summer.