Previous Recipients


  • Kekeli Logoh, AquaRoots (aquaponics food security project in Togo)
  • Eugene Gato Nsengamungu, Rwanda Youth Tech Informants (RYTI) (rural digital inclusion project)


  • Alice Musabe, Nambara Menstruation Cup


  • Kevin Koech, An Open Geodatabase for Essential Institutions
  • Maximilien Chong Lee Shin, Transparent Geographic Information System Data for Spatial Planning in Mauritius


  • Mohamed-Dhia Hammami (Maghreb Region), Remote Research with the Center of Strategic Studies on the Maghreb (CESMA): Policy Responses and Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Luka Lezhanskyy (Uganda), Supporting Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants (CAFOMI): Refugee Livelihoods in Response to the Pandemic
  • Ferdinand Mensah Quayson (Ghana), Young Achievers Foundation: Expanding Access to Higher Education in Northern Ghana


  • Peter Kwoba (Kenya), "Nyumba Kumi" digital project to support affordable housing in Nairobi


  • Elias Camacho (South Africa), Assessing & Addressing Education Quality in Cape Town
  • Kiana Dawkins (Kenya), "Public Health in the Tropics" program
  • Allison Gross (South Africa), Fostering Social Cohesion amongst Refugee Women in Cape Town
  • Claudia Kahindi (Kenya), Education in Kilifi County


  • Bridget Adarkwa and Nailah Hines (Ghana), Support for the Girl’s Education Initiative of Ghana
  • Matthew Shelley-Reade(Rwanda), "Mitigating Climate Change and Protecting Biodiversity along the Albertine Rift"


  • Kate Cullen (South Africa), Addressing Food Security Through Community Gardens in Cape Town
  • Jasmine Mack (Ghana), Teaching Creative Writing, Computers, and Music at the Techiman Learning Resource Center (Ayisatu Owen International School)
  • Kellyn Maves (Cameroon), Health and Education Project (Fonjumetaw Clinic)
  • Hannah Norman (South Africa), Addressing Food Security Through Community Gardens in Cape Town

Kate and Hannah produced a short documentary on their organization (Harvest of Hope), food security, and climate change. It is available here:


  • Holly Everett (South Africa), TB-HIV Immunology Research at the Epicenter of the HIV Epidemic
  • Chloe Holden (Uganda), An Education Project at Peak Kindergarten in Kampala
  • Geneva Jonathan (South Sudan), Giving Birth to Hope: Community Development for Women in Badgji
  • Orelia Jonathan (South Sudan), Giving Birth to Hope: Community Development for Women in Badgji
  • Ibironke Otusile (Nigeria), Healthy Drinking Water Outreach in Makoko, Lagos


  • Esi Quagrainie (Ghana), Ghana Writing Project


  • Immanuel Lokwei (Kenya), Kainuk Women’s Group
  • Alexandra Galef (Morocco), High Atlas Foundation


  • Allana Kembabazi (Uganda), Enlightenment Uganda, malaria prevention
  • Kennedy Odede (Kenya), Shining Hope for Communities
  • Otis Poisson (Tanzania), Engineering Clean Water Collection
  • Aaron Sarvet (Ethiopia), Mental Health Capacity Building
  • Oluwayimika Taiwo-Peters (Nigeria), Hope for Gishiri, youth empowerment


  • Alix Haber (Kibera, Kenya), Shining Hope for Communities Community Partnership Project
  • Emily Kossow (Botswana), Princeton in Africa project on improving pediatric HIV care
  • Kelly Morgan (Morocco), Anglophone-Francophone liaison and arts events support with Conseil des Migrants Subsahariens au Maroc
  • Max Perel-Slater (Shirati, Tanzania and Kibera, Kenya), Health is In Your Hands Project
  • Jessica Steinke (Kibera, Kenya), Shining Hope for Communities, Reproductive health and sexual education


  • Michael Frank (Bamako, Mali), Mali Health Organizing Project (MHOP)
  • Alexandra Klass (Cairo, Egypt), St. Andrew’s Refugee Services
  • Arielle Tolman (Nairobi, Kenya), Maternal Health Initiative of Kibera




  • Nate Ash-Morgan, Cape Coast, Ghana, “Development of the Sankofa Center for African Arts”
  • Devon Golaszewski, Bamako, Mali, “Community-Based Health Financing with Mali Health Organizing Project (MHOP)”
  • Jettie Word, Yaounde, Cameroon, “Combatting Education Deficiencies at the Center for Communal Skill Building”



  • Andrew Aprile, Madagascar, “Valiha High Scheme”
  • Genevieve Edens, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, “Affordable, and Sustainable, Housing in dar es Salaam” (Women’s Advancement Trust)
  • Una Osato, Durban, South Africa, DramAidE


  • Lindsay Clarke, Cameroon, English Language Instruction in Francophone Cameroon, Dschang (Breaking Ground)


  • Samuel Bathrick, Ghana, The Gina International School Photo Project, Medina (Deviwo Projects)
  • Carl Cervone, Tanzania, Expanding Agro-Forestry and Soil Conservation in collaboration with The Multi-Environmental Society (MESO), Kambi ya Simba
  • Lindsay Reynolds, South Africa, HIV/AIDS Prevention with Project Empower, Durban


  • Lee Coryell, Nigeria, Positive Living Program, Abuja
  • Coleen Galbraith, Kenya, AIDS relief work with the International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering, Nakuru
  • Katie Glick, Ghana, Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment and the Ark Foundation, Accra
  • Piper Sledge, Tanzania, Emosui Project, Arusha region


  • Josh Dankoff, Nigeria, “Young Men’s AIDS Education Program,” Abuja
  • Danielle Heard, Tanzania, Tanzania Gender Networking Program, Dar es Salaam


  • Nicole Stremlau, Ethiopia, Tigray Development Association/Writer with “The Reporter” (newspaper), Addis Ababa
  • Monique Coquoz, Burkina Faso, Comunita’ Impegno Servizio Volontariato
  • Christopher Jeffries, South Africa, Joint Centre for Political and Economic Studies, Johannesburg
  • Myra Sessions, Botswana, Women and Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust


  • Malaika Syphertt, Ghana, “Combating Child Labor Through Education”
  • Sarah Wilcox, South Africa, Centre for Conflict Resolution, Cape Town


  • Daniela Lewy, Tanzania, “Beyond the Limits: From the Tanzanian Streets to the Tanzanian Trails”
  • Rachel A. Quinn, Ghana, “Human Resource Development: Teaching in a Primary School in a Rural Ewe Community”
  • Johanne Severin, Mozambique, Mozambican Association for the Development of the Family (member of the umbrella group Pathfinder’s Program)


  • Sarah Bowers, Zimbabwe, Mbuya Nehanda Training Centre (home for former street children and AIDS orphans)
  • Rachel Wellborn, Zimbabwe, Harare Children’s Home (Steve Katz Foundation)