Past African Studies Workshops

In 2009, the African Studies Cluster hosted its first workshop event. The purpose of these workshops has been to engage scholars and students at Wesleyan University and other regional universities on different themes related to the study of Africa and the African Diaspora.

2009: Special Focus on Africa’s place in the Atlantic world; Keynote Address by J. Lorand Matory.

2010: “Rethinking Africa and the African Diaspora, Africa’s Global Past and Present”; Musical Performance by Gideon Ampeire and Branco Sekalegga, and members of Echo Uganda

2012: “The North Africa Spring”

2013: “African Feminisms”

African Feminisms Workshop 2013

2015: "Africanizing Technology": Keynote Address “Pharmaceutical Technologies and the Nature of Efficacy in Botswana” by Julie Livingston

Africanizing Technology 2015

Other Past Events:

2012 Forum for International Development

Aubrey Graham’s Photography Exhibit, “Beyond the Victim”

Mainlehwon Ebenezer Vonhm Benda, Founder and Director of the Center for Peace Education in Monrovia, Liberia on: “Peace Education: A Vital Ingredient Towards Lasting Peace for Liberia.”