Opportunities in Africa

The purpose of this page is to provide a directory of resources for Wesleyan students and alumni who wish to study, volunteer, work, or intern somewhere on the African continent.

For current students

Study Abroad

The first place to begin for Wesleyan Students is Wesleyan’s Office of International Studies. A number of programs in Africa are either sponsored by Wesleyan or already approved for study abroad. [The OIS List of Africa Study Abroad Programs.]

Other useful sources on study abroad include:

Other Research & Education

  • Davenport Study Grants, Wesleyan University. Provides funds to support student research and other student scholarly projects in public affairs. Only current sophomores and juniors are eligible. Many students use this to fund research on their honors theses.
  • Innovations for Poverty Action. IPA is “a nonprofit organization that creates and evaluates solutions to social and development problems, and works to scale up successful ideas through implementation and dissemination to policymakers, practitioners, investors, and donors.” Wesleyan Students have participated in their internship programs. For more information: http://poverty-action.org/getinvolved/jobs

Volunteering & Service

Internships & Work

For graduating seniors and alumni

Research and Education

Volunteering & Service

  • Programs started by Wesleyan Alumni, or where Wesleyan Alumni currently work
    • Shining Hope for Communities: SHOFCO, Kenya (founders Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner)
    • Breaking Ground, Cameroon (founder Lindsay Clarke, Wes ’05)
    • Generation Rwanda (Wesleyan Alum: Michael Brotchner, Exec. Director)
    • Thanda, South Africa – Support for orphans of AIDS and vulnerable children (founder Angela Larkan, Wes ’05; Jonathan Leland, Wes ’05)
    • Africa Actionbased in the US – focuses on policy analysis and education

United States Government

Internships & Work

Coming Back

Much more thinking is typically done about preparing to go abroad than on the return home.  However, it is important to think about the return.  Many are surprised at just how big a shock it can be to return home after spending 2 months or more in another country. Fortunately, resources are available to help you think about the experiences you just had, to interpret their meaning for your personal and professional life, and to utilize them as you begin a new, post-abroad phase.

  • Wesleyan University’s Office of International Studies: “Returning”.
  • Michigan State University has tips on “Re-Adjusting to the USA” and “Selling your experience” on their Study Abroad Website.