African Studies

Wesleyan University’s African Studies Cluster is devoted to facilitating a deeper understanding and engagement with Africa for the Wesleyan Community and beyond. We bring together a diverse array of courses focusing on Africa, culling the interests of faculty specializing in Africa from a wide variety of disciplines. This broadly interdisciplinary cluster focuses on a large geographic region that is of great historical, cultural, political, and artistic importance and interest to American university students, not to mention American society in general. The cluster promotes interdisciplinary learning in the best of liberal arts traditions.


Spring 2022 Events

January 20

Love of Stone Houses: Urban Merchants and Material Culture on Africa's Gold Coast

Hermann W. von Hesse, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate, Rice University


 January 24

Glass and glass bead in medieval Ile-Ife, Nigeria: art, technology, and production

Abidemi Babatunde Babalola, PhD

Andrew W Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the British Museum, UK


January 26

 ‘Exit of a Hero:’ Ikenga sculptures and evolving concepts of Igbo heroism and achievements in the visual culture of funeral

Okechukwu Nwafor

Professor of Fine and Applied Arts, Nnamdi Azikiwe University


January 31

Meaning-Changing Artefacts in Muslim West Africa: A Case from the Greater Senegambia (15th to 19th centuries)

Thiago H. Mota

Professor of African History - Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil

Fulbright Visiting Scholar - University of Pennsylvania, US


February 2

Community Artistic Engagement with Colonial Artefacts in Nigeria

George Emeka Agbo

Professor of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka


February 11

Nobuntu Live In Concert!

Crowell Concert Hall

For tickets go to

For more about this acapella singing group comprised of five women from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, see


February 24

Virtual Colloquium: Black Sounds Matter —Intersectional (Re)connections of African and African American Musics

Featuring Prof. John Dankwa

For information about joining online go to:


April 11th

Health and Science Research in Africa: A lunchtime conversation with Prof. Henry Meriki

Reserve your spot! 


May 3rd

African Pop Music Concert

8pm in Crowell Concert Hall


May 6th

African Studies Spring Celebration

West African Dance and Drumming Performances

3:30pm CFA Courtyard

 *New* West African Repertory Performance

4:30pm Crowell Concert Hall

African Studies Spring Celebration Dinner



Check back for more upcoming events!





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ASA Indaba 2018

The ASA organized the annual Indaba with a range of interesting events and speakers before the annual Ariya Cultural Show.

African Studies Minor Info Session

African Studies Minor Info SessionPlease join faculty and students at noon at Ubuntu House (34 Lawn) for a discussion of the African Studies Minor at Wesleyan. Food will be served.
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Student Profiles

Maxine Gibb '19
I am a senior ('19) from Cape Town, South Africa majoring in the College of Social Studies with an African Studies Minor. I am the current president of Wesleyan's African Students' Association and am writing my senior thesis on female youth activism in anti-Apartheid South Africa. 

Student Profiles

Keith Mundangepfupfu '19
My name is Keith Mundangepfupfu and I am a senior from Zimbabwe, a CSS major and an African Studies Minor. I am currently the House Manager for Ubuntu House, the African student house on campus. I am also writing a thesis on the experience of queer male Zimbabwean immigrants in South Africa. 

Student Profiles

Kyllian Pather '20
I'm Kyllian Pather, proudly from South Africa. I’m a CSS major and African Studies Minor. I also designed a University Major in Race Studies in Africa and the Diaspora. I’ve been a member of the African Students’ Association from my first day and it is my home away from home. Our new Ubuntu House is a celebration of our African heritage and a space to share our culture with the university.

Student Profiles

Ferdinand Quayson ’20

I am a Junior from Accra, Ghana-West Africa. I am a Government Major concentrating in International Politics. A board member for the Wesleyan African Student Association, I also serve on the Advisory Board for the Patricelli Center at Wesleyan. Outside Wesleyan, I am the President and Founder of Young Achievers Foundation Ghana, an initiative working to promote access to higher education for low-income students in Northern Ghana. 

Student Profiles

Iris Ridley '20
I am a junior from Northumberland in England. I am double majoring in Dance and Anthropology with an African Studies Minor.