Student and Alumni Activities

Wesleyan students and alums are actively engaged with Africa. Wesleyan itself plays host to African students from all over the continent. (See President Michael Roth’s post on this.) A number of Wesleyan students and recent alumni have also been active in creating an NGO, Shining Hope for Communities,which has won wide acclaim for its development of a school for girls in Kibera, Kenya.

Recently the African Students Association hosted the Africa Innovation Summit (November 2014) which featured several students and Wesleyan alumni who are working in the fields of business, education, and healthcare in Africa.  Our liveblog from the event is archived here: (  Photos from the event can be seen here:(

The Wesleyan Argus also reported on the event:( 

Student Groups on Campus

African Students Association

Ubuntu, Residential Life

The Ankh


SUYA:The African Dance Troupe


Alums Working in Africa

Many of our alums have worked in Africa and more are currently working on the continent with organizations to promote social, cultural, and economic development.

 African Leadership Academy

Afropop Worlwide

Broad Cove Partners


Hatua Likoni

Mali Health

Thanda & Thanda Zulu

Unity Ecovillage

Young Heroes Foundation