Wesleyan University is suspending in-person classes and campus activities. The University will continue to monitor the public health situation related to the novel strain of coronavirus.

Chemistry Department Colloquium, Spring 2020
Coordinated by Dr. Michelle Personick, Professor of Chemistry

Seminars are held in ESC 058  at 3:30 p.m.
Coffee and refreshments are served before and after the seminar in the vestibule outside ESC 058 






Jan. 31 Prof. Sharon Hammes-Schiffer Yale University  Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Catalysis and Energy Conversion Carlos Jimenez-Hoyos
Feb. 7 Prof. David Merkler University of South Florida, Schramm Laboratory Cellular Communication: Novel Endocannabinoid-like Lipids, Fruit Flies and Other Insects, N-Acyltransferases, and Subtraction Lipidomics Erika Taylor
Feb. 14 Prof. Michelle Personick Wesleyan University  Growing Model Catalysts Through the Tailored Design of Shaped Bimetallic Nanoparticles --
Feb. 21 Prof. Mateusz Marianski Hunter College  Understanding Glycosylation Reaction with Cryogenic Vibrational Spectroscopy and First-principles Methods Carlos Jimenez-Hoyos
Feb. 28 Prof. Anne Hart Brown University Using Invertebrate Genetics to Understand ALS Alison O'Neil
March 6 Prof. Guy Montelione  Rutgers University Proteins Flex to Function: The Role of Conformational Plasticity in Molecular Recognition Colin Smith 
March 27 Prof. Elizabeth Meiering University of Waterloo Folding, Misfolding and Aggregation of Cu,Zn Superoxide Dismutases in ALS                                                      Alison O'Neil
April 3 Prof. Lesley-Ann Giddings Middlebury College Mother Nature Knows Best: Bioprospecting Acid Rock Drainage for Bioactive Metabolites & Characterizing DesB, A Key Enzyme Involved in Hydroxamate Siderophore Biosynthesis Erika Taylor
April 10 Prof. Jerome Robinson  Brown University Rethinking Catalyst Design of the "Not So" Rare-Earths to Address Challenges in Sustainability Michelle Personick
April 17 Prof. Sunhee Choi  Middlebury College  Two Tales of Basic Research Leading to the Development of Drugs Against Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease Michelle Personick
April 24 Prof. Rich Lavrich College of Charleston Microwave Study of Inductive Effects on Intramolecular Hydrogen Bond Strength​ Stewart Novick
May 1 Prof. Frank Rossi SUNY Cortland  Toward a Species-Specific, Eco-Rational Control of the Invasive Insect Cactoblastis cactorum Erika Taylor