Biological Chemistry Seminars - Fall 2017
Coordinated by Prof. Irina Russu
Professor of Chemistry

                                       Hall-Atwater Laboratories 84 - 12:00 p.m. - Mondays





September 18

Dr. Katherine Launer-Felty

Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale University.

“Enzymatic synthesis of cyclic dinucleotide analogues and theiruse to study riboswitches.”

September 28

Mol. Biophysics Retreat 
Wadsworth Mansion

Prof. Arthur Palmer

Dept. Biochemistry & Mol. Biophysics

Columbia University



October 2

Angelika Rafalowski


Taylor Lab

"Dioxygenases, Where We Are Now and Where We Are Going."


October 9


Jozie Milicaj

Taylor Lab


"Probing Inhibition of Heptosyltransferase I using in vitro and in vivo methods."


October 16

Prof. Otonye Braide-Moncoeur

Gordon College

"Improved understanding of lipid trafficking in lung surfactant via adaptive peptide helicity."

October 23

Fall Break



October 30


Nooshin Shatery Nejad


Etson Group

“Quantitative measurements of single-molecule FRET with a quantum dot donor"

November 6

Prof. Manju Hingorani


Wesleyan University - MB&B Department


"DNA mismatch repair – Mopping up after messy polymerases"

November 13

Will Barr


Weir Group


"An mRNA-rRNA base pairing model for efficient protein translation"

November 20




November 27

Joshua Dudley

Smith Group

"Protein Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Spectral Peak Fitting."

Biological Chemistry Seminars - Spring 2018
Coordinated by Prof. Maju Hingorani
Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

                                       Hall-Atwater Laboratories 84 - 12:00 p.m. - Mondays





February 19

Bo Song

Hingorani Lab

“Positioning of the 5' flap junction in the active site limits the rate of FEN1-catalyzed DNA cleavage”

February 26

Juan Liu

Hingorani Lab

"How to build a kinetic model for RFC-catalyzed PCNA loading mechanism"

March 5

Katie Kaus

Olson Lab

"Structural Investigation of Bacterial Virulence Factors"

March 12

Spring Break



March 19

Spring Break



March 26

Xiaoming Ren, PhD

Pyle (Yale)

"Structural basis for recognition of IL-1α by a modified DNA aptamer that specifically inhibits IL-1α signaling"

April 2

Brandon Case

Hingorani Lab

"Coordinated Actions of Two Pairs of ATPase Sites on UvrA2 During Initiation of Nucleotide Excision Repair"

April 9

Anne Kaplan

Alexandrescu (UCONN)

"Protein Yoga. Conformational Flexibility of a Novel Fold"

April 16

Sudipta Lahiri

Mukerji Lab

"Elucidation of the Structural and Functional Role of MutSγ in Meiotic Recombination Using Structural Modeling and Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy"

April 23

Zane Lombardo

Mukerji Lab

“Characterizing the Binding Interactions of Mouse Linker Histone H1 with Nucleosomes”

April 30

Tithi Banerjee

Oliver Lab

“Elucidation of the Dynamics of SecA-SecYEG interactions and its role in pre-protein translocation in Escherichia coli”