Biological Chemistry Seminars - Fall 2021
Coordinated by Professor Erika Taylor
Professor of Chemistry 

Seminars held on Mondays at 12 PM in HA 84
unless otherwise stated
CHEM587 / MB&B587





Sept. 13

Bakar Hassan

Taylor Lab, Wesleyan University

New Insights Into the Dynamics and Inhibition of Heptosyltransferase I Through Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Sept. 20

 Jay Kim 

Holmes Lab, Wesleyan University

Demonstrating a Role for Histone H2A.Z in DNA Double Strand Break Repair and Chromosome Stability

Sept. 27

Simon Van Deursen 

O'Neil Lab, Wesleyan University

The Impact of the C9ORF72 Repeat Expansion Mutation on hiPSC-derived Astrocytes and Their Role in ALS Pathology

Oct. 4 Clorice Reinhardt Hammes-Schiffer Lab, Yale University 

Conformational Influences on Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reactions in Ribonucleotide Reductase

Oct. 13 Molecular Biophysics Retreat
Oct. 18 Oliver Cho  Smith Lab, Wesleyan University 

Modifying Miniprotein EHEE_rd2_0005 to Adopt a Single Conformational State

Nov. 1 Josh Dudley  Smith Lab, Wesleyan University 

Heating Enhanced Structural Heterogeneity in a Computationally Designed Miniprotein

Nov. 8 Brynn Assignon  Taylor Lab, Wesleyan University  Taylored Enzymes: Creating Chimeric Protein Libraries for Glycodiversification Through Domain Swapping;  And GtfB Characterization Through CD Spectroscopy
Nov. 15 Mikayla Mclaughlin  O'Neil Lab, Wesleyan University 

Investigation of SOD1 Local Cellular Environment and Ubiquitin Substrates in ALS Models

Nov. 22 Justin Nguyen Smith Lab, Wesleyan University  Optimization of mini-Fluorescence Activating Protein (mFAP) Brightness with GFP-mimetic chromophore DFHBI


Biological Chemistry Seminars - Spring 2022
Coordinated by Dr. Colin Smith, Professor of Chemistry 

Seminars held on Mondays at 12 PM in HA 84
unless otherwise stated
CHEM588 / MB&B588





January 31 Angelika Rafalowski Taylor Lab  Expansion and Characterization of the PCAD-Memo Superfamily
February 7 Alex Hinbest Olson Lab  Characterizing protein-sugar interactions between Biofilm Associated Protein 1 (Bap1) and vibrio polysaccharide (VPS)
February 14 Cat McCann Padilla-Benavides Lab  Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP) A2B1 both regulates and is regulated by copper status in cells
February 21 Abhilash Jayaraj  Thayer Lab Understanding post-replicative mismatch recognition in MutS using molecular dynamics
February 28 Dylan Abramson Thayer Lab  Deep Learning for Protein Sciences: Conformation Exploration and Drug-Target Affinity Evaluation
March 7 Rajuna Weerasekera Olson Lab  Exploring the mucin binding ability of RbmCM1M2 from Vibrio cholerae
March 21 Theodore Sternlieb Thayer Lab Deep Reinnforcment Learning for Novel Drug Discovery
March 28 Meagan MacDonald Smith Lab  Effects of double mutation on Xylanase A substrate specificity and dynamics
April 4 Eric Zanderigo O'Neil Lab  Analysis of the Oligomeric Assembly and Propagation of Toxic Misfolded SOD1 Species in ALS
April 11 Annika Velez Calter Lab  Progress toward a directed synthesis of rocaglamide analogs
April 18  Kat Blejec Smith Lab  Elucidating the Allosteric Mechanisms of Increased Signaling Activity Through Mutation of Unregulated H-Ras
April 25 Nick Wells  Smith Lab  Prediction of allosterically acting mutations using MD simulations and Rosetta
May 2 Zane Lombardo  Mukerji Lab  Recombination Intermediate Recognition by the Mismatch Repair Protein scMsh2-Msh6: Role of Structure and Dynamics