Chemical Physics Seminars - Spring 2019 

Coordinated by Prof. Joseph Knee, Professor of Chemistry 

Exley Science Center 58 - 12:10 p.m. - Mondays

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
2/11/2019 Joseph Knee Wesleyan University Electronic Spectroscopy and Computational Chemistry of Several Arylboronate Esters - The Sequel
2/18/2019 Jake Nite Carlos Jimenez-Hoyos Group Low-Cost Molecular Excited States from a State-Averaged Resonating Hartree-Fock Approach
2/25/2019 Jake Fanthorpe Brian Stewart Group, Physics The effect of reagent rotation on exchange reaction rates in the Li2+Li system. 
3/4/2019 Do Hyeok Jeon Tsampikos Kottos Group, Physics Radar Receiver Protectors Based on Topologically Protected Modes
3/11/2019 Spring Break -- --
3/18/2019 Spring Break -- --
4/1/2019 Nadeepa Jayasundara Lutz Howel's Physics Group Vibrationally and Rotationally Resolved Lifetimes of Shelf State of Sodium Dimer
4/22/2019 Dr. Will Setzer Morgan Group, Physics Spectra of Field-Ionized Rydberg States of H2 and Field Ionization Properties
4/29/2019 Jeffrey Keyes Jimenez-Hoyos Group Fast Geometry Optimization via Simultaneous Molecular Geometry and Electronic Wavefunction Relaxation
5/6/2019 Senali Dissanayake Sher Group, Physics Evaluating Gold Hyperdoped Silicon Using Terahertz Spectroscopy