Chemical Physics Seminars - Spring 2020 

Coordinated by Prof. Joseph Knee, Professor of Chemistry 

Exley Science Center 058 - 12:10 p.m. - Mondays

Date Speaker Title
Feb 17 Dr. Jake Nite

Non-Orthogonal Electronic Structure Approaches for Reducing Computational Burden in Quantum Chemistry Calculations

Feb 24 Jeff Keyes

Strictly Localized Molecular Orbitals: An Alternative Approach Towards Local Correlation Methods

Mar 2 Joshua Signore

Four-fold Internal Rotation Exhibited in -SF5 Containing Compounds

Mar 23 Jake Fanthorpe

Chemical Reaction and Energy Transfer of Rapidly Rotating Molecules

Mar 30 Senali Dissanayake

Carrier Dynamics, Optical Properties, and Defect Energetics of Gold Hyperdoped Germanium

April 6 Nadeepa Jayasundara

Dissociative Ionization Dynamics of Sodium by Non-resonant Multiphoton Ionization