Chemistry Department Colloquium - Fall 2015

Seminars are held in room 84, Hall-Atwater Laboratories at 3:30 p.m. 

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
September 11 Prof. Ya-Ming Hou Thomas Jefferson University "tRNA Methylation: A mechanism to suppress frame shifts" Prof. Erika A. Taylor
September 18

Prof. Candice Etson

Wesleyan University, Physics "Single-molecule Toolkit: Using TIRF Microscopy to Study Molecular Interactions and Dynamics" Prof. Michelle L. Personick
September 25 Prof. Jason Crawford Yale University "Evolutionary portals to chemical innovation in host-bacteria interactions" Prof. Rex F. Pratt
October 2 Prof. Peng George Wang Georgia State University "Following Nature's way to do science: total synthesis of lipopolysaccharides." Prof. Erika A. Taylor
October 9 Dr. Michael Tunick US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Services (USDA, ARS) "Molecules to Mozzarella: The Chemistry of Cheese" Prof. Michelle L. Personick
October 16 Prof. Swarna Basu, PhD 2002 Associate Professor, Susquehanna University, Pennsylvania "Protein Cross-linking via excitation of aromatic photoactivators: techniques, challenges and advances" Prof. Joseph L. Knee
October 22

Dr. John Kuriyan
Molecular Biophysics Retreat


University of California, Berkeley "Structural Mechanisms in Protein Kinase Regulations" Profs. David L. Beveridge and Ishita Mukerji
October 23 Dr. Haribabu Arthanari Harvard University "Therapeutic Targeting of Protein-Protein Interactions Part-II: Structure is overrated: Functional Roles of "Unstructured" Regions in Proteins" Prof. David L. Beveridge
October 30 Steven Wofsy  Harvard University Center for the Environment
Postponed to Spring Semester Date TBD

Prof. Stewart Novick
November 6 Prof. Klaus Schmidt-Rohr Brandeis University "NMR Characterization of Nanocrystal Surface Composition: Bone, Nanodiamond, and Polyethylene" Prof. Michelle L. Personick
November 13 Prof. Casey Wade Brandeis University  "Metal-Organic Framework Supported Pincer Complexes: At the Interface of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis" Prof. Michelle L. Personick
November 20 Prof. Timothy Cook University of Buffalo "Exploring Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly for Energy Conversion" Prof. Brian H. Northrop
December 4 -
Dr. Jason Sonnenberg Gaussian - Rescheduled for April, 8, 2016 "Actinide Chemistry: Investigations at the Knowledge Frontier" Dr. Michael J. Frisch

Coffee is served outside room 84 before the seminar and 
refreshments are served afterwards in the Chemistry Lounge (Hall-Atwater Laboratory, Room 6).


Chemistry Department Colloquium - Spring 2016

Seminars are held in room 84, Hall-Atwater Laboratories at 3:30 p.m. 

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
January 29 Prof. Robert Knowles Princeton University

"Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Organic Synthesis."

Prof. Michael A. Calter
February 5 Prof. Robin Garrod University of Virginia "Chemical Kinetics in Interstellar Space." Prof. Stewart Novick
February 12 Prof. Marcy J. Balunas University of Connecticut "Functional and Biosynthetic Analyses of Secondary Metabolites in Host-Microbe Symbioses." Prof. Erika A. Taylor
February 19 Prof. Emily Weinert Emory University "Investigating the Mechanism of Role of 02-Dependent Globin Coupled Sensor Signaling." Prof. Erika A. Taylor
March 4 Prof. Jens-Uwe Grabow University of Hannover "Flexible and Chiral Molecules' Rotation Signals." Prof. Stewart Novick
March 25 Prof. Michelle Kovarik Trinity College "Microfluidic and Peptide-Based Tools for Biochemical Investigations of Social Amoebae." Prof. Brian Northrop
April 1 Dr. Julien Bloino CNR and Gaussian "Theoretical Prediction of Vibrational and Vibronic Spectra." Dr. Michael J. Frisch
April 8

Dr. Jason Sonnenberg

Gaussian "Actinide Chemistry: Investigations at the Knowledge Frontier." Dr. Michael J. Frisch
April 15 Prof. Jessica Seeliger Stony Brook University "Making of Pathogen: The What, Where, and How of Mycobacterial Membrane Biogenesis." Prof. Erika A. Taylor
April 22 Prof. David W. McCamant, '95 University of Rochester "Artificial Photosynthesis probed with Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy." Prof. Stewart E. Novick
April 29 Prof. Jimmie Oxley University of Rhode Island "Why Study Energetic Materials?" Prof. Michelle L. Personick