Research in Science 2020

Presentations from the Undergraduate Research Fellows and Associates in Chemistry

Oliver Cho, Class of 2022
“Modifying a Mini Protein with Two Conformational States to Instead Adopt Only One Conformation"
Mentor: Dr. Colin Smith

Corin Grady, Class of 2022
“Computational Investigation into the Thermodynamic and Electronic Properties of Quinoxalines"
Mentor: Dr. Brian Northrop

Nabeel Kemal, Class of 2023
“Mapping and Visualizing the Free Energy Landscape of p53 using Vectors"
Mentor: Dr. Kelly Thayer

Kate Luo, Class of 2021
“Investigating the Stability of the LigAB Dimer Interface with Molecular Dynamics Simulations"
Mentor: Dr. Erika Taylor

Emily Moon, Class of 2021
“Altered Electrophysiology and Calcium Dynamics in SOD1-Associated Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis"
Mentor: Dr. Alison O'Neil

Justin Nguyen, Class of 2023
"Structural Features in Mini-Fluorescence Activating Proteins affecting Chromophore Bond Rotation Times"
Mentor: Dr. Colin Smith

Mohammed Ullah, Class of 2023
“One Drug for All RNA Viruses"
Mentor: Dr. Erika Taylor

Maya Vaishnaw, Class of 2021
“Exploring Simulated Molecular Dynamics Between Heptosyltransferase I Domains"
Mentor: Dr. Erika Taylor

Sophie Wazlowski, Class of 2022
“A Computational Investigation of Energetics in Diels-Alder Reactions Using Vinyl Sulfone Derivatives"
Mentor: Dr. Brian Northrop