Research in Science 2021

Presentations from the Undergraduate Research Fellows and Associates in Chemistry

Oliver Cho, Class of 2022
"Modifying a Mini Protein with Two Conformational States to Instead Adopt Only One Conformation"
Mentor: Dr. Colin Smith

Benjamin Cowan, Class of 2022
"MD-based Energetic Heat Kernel Analysis: Insights to PDZ Allosterism"
Mentor: Dr. Kelly Thayer

Christopher Falls, Class of 2022
"The Rotational Spectra of Dibromodifluoromethane"
Mentor: Dr. Stewart Novick

Anna Friedman, Class of 2022
"Synthesis and Characterization of Pyridine and Pyrazine-Derived Tripodal Ligands for Use in Novel Mn(II)-Based MRI Contrast Agents"
Mentor: Dr. T. David Westmoreland

Adam Geibel, Class of 2022
"Effects of Rocaglamide Derivatives on Cancer Cell Lines"
Mentor: Dr. Alison O'Neil 

Corin Grady, Class of 2022
"Progress Towards Phenazine Aggregation Induced Emitters"
Mentor: Dr. Brian Northrop

Sterre Hesseling, Class of 2022
"Optimization of AuPt Nanoparticle Synthesis in Halide-Free Surfactant"
Mentor: Dr. Michelle Personick

Nadiya Jaunbocus, Class of 2022 
"Kinetics of Heptosyltransferase I and Identification of Potential Inhibitors"
Mentor: Dr. Erika Taylor

Dylan Judd, Class of 2022
"Catalyzing the Nonoxidative Dehydrogenation and Oxidative Coupling of Methanol via Monometallic and Dilute Bimetallic Nanoparticles"
Mentor: Dr. Michelle Personick

Kekeli Logoh, Class of 2023
"The Conversion of Hemiacetals into Antiviral and Anticancer Compounds"
Mentor: Dr. Michael Calter

Jessica Luu, Class of 2024
"Shape Control of Metal Nanoparticles Through the Addition of Halides"
Mentor: Dr. Michelle Personick

Maya Milrod, Class of 2024
“6+4 Cycloadditions As Covalent Adaptable Networks"
Mentor: Dr. Brian Northrop

Justin Nguyen, Class of 2023
"Optimization of mini-Fluorescence Activating Protein (mFAP) Brightness with GFP-mimetic chromophore DFHBI"
Mentor: Dr. Colin Smith

Rachel Nguyen, Class of 2023
"Isolation of Nucleic Acid Copuritant from Putative tRNA-Modifying Enzymes"
Mentor: Dr. Erika Taylor

Michael O'Sullivan, Class of 2023
“Design and Synthesis of Functionalized Organic Semiconductors"
Mentor: Dr. Brian Northrop

Josephine Park, Class of 2022
"In Vitro Response to Treatment with Chemical Compounds"
Mentor: Dr. Alison O'Neil 

Alexander Seys, Class of 2023
"Def2 Basis Sets and 1-Iodopentane"
Mentor: Dr. Stewart Novick

Emmet Sherman, Class of 2023
"Tracking Photo-Induced Halide Segregation in Mixed-Halide Perovskite Solar Cells"
Mentor: Dr. Renee Sher 

Nabiha Syed, Class of 2022
"Optimizing Parameters to Display Protein Dynamics of Cyclophilin A Through Phenix Ensemble Refinement"
Mentor: Dr. Colin Smith 

Sally Landon Tepper, Class of 2022
"Progress Toward Synthesis of Contorted Covalent Organic Polygons"
Mentor: Dr. Brian Northrop

Mohammed Ullah, Class of 2022
"Synthesis of A Lignin Depolymerization Probe"
Mentor: Dr. Michael Calter & Dr. Erika Taylor

Simon Van Deursen, Class of 2022
"The Impact of the C9ORF72 Repeat Expansion Mutation on hiPSC-derived Astrocytes and Their Role in ALS Pathology"
Mentor: Dr. Alison O'Neil 

Annika Velez, Class of 2022
"A synthetic route to analogs of rocaglamide–a natural anti-cancer compound"
Mentor: Dr. Michael Calter

Ishraq Wasif, Class of 2024
"Characterizing 3,5-difluoro-4-hydroxybenzylidene imidazolinone (DFHBI) Electron Distribution and its Effect on Fluorescence"
Mentor: Dr. Colin Smith

Sophie Wazlowski, Class of 2022
“Progress Towards the Design and Synthesis of Vinyl-Sulfone Functionalized Polymers"
Mentor: Dr. Brian Northrop