Research in Science 2022

Presentations from the Undergraduate Research Fellows and Associates in Chemistry

Justin Bracero, Class of 2024
"Performing the Synthesis of OBM, Analog of Parent Compound Rocaglamide"
Mentor: Dr. Michael Calter 

Sophie Chang, Class of 2023
"Synthesis of Rocaglamide Analogs"
Mentor: Dr. Michael Calter 

Alex Gorman, Class of 2025 
"Computational Analysis of Heptosyltransferase I Inhibitors"
Mentor: Dr. Erika Taylor

Aidan Jones, Class of 2023
"Investigating the Inflammatory Response of ALS patient iPSC Derived Astrocytes"
Mentor: Dr. Alison O'Neil 

Gunn Jungpaibal, Class of 2024
"Web-based GUI for FitNMR"
Mentor: Dr. Colin Smith 

Anne Kiely, Class of 2024
Mentor: Dr. Brian Northrop

Maggie Lee, Class of 2023
"Nucleotide Modifications Change Dynamic Interactions of the Ribosome CAR Surface"
Mentor: Dr. Michelle Personick 

Leonard Majaducon, Class of 2025
"Prototropic Exchange Mechanisms in [Cr(cyclen)(H2O)2]3+"
Mentor: Dr. T. David Westmoreland

Maya Milrod, Class of 2024
"Experimental and Computational Investigation Into Reversible Cycloadditions"
Mentor: Dr. Brian Northrop

Alexis Papavasiliou, Class of 2024
"Investigating the Effects of Rocaglamide Analogues on the Specificity of A3"
Mentor: Dr. Michael Calter 

Owen Rogers, Class of 2024 
"SOD1 Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Alchemical Free Energy Calculations of N53D"
Mentor: Dr. Colin Smith 

Angela Rojas-Merchan, Class of 2024
"Synthesis of Benzoldioxids for Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Water-Soluble, Degradable Polymers"
Mentor: Dr. Benjamin Elling 

Alex Seys, Class of 2023
"The Microwave Spectrum of Trifluoromethyl Triflate"
Mentor: Dr. Stewart 

Stephen Vaughn, Class of 2023
Mentor: Dr. Alison O'Neil 

Mohona Yesmin, Class of 2023
Mentor: Dr. Alison O'Neil