Core Messaging Project

The Office of University Communications tells the stories of the people, programs and projects that make Wesleyan University a world-class liberal arts institution. We are responsible for using a strong, cohesive voice—in style and in substance—to share those authentic stories to promote Wesleyan’s mission of “boldness, rigor and practical idealism.” That voice resonates in everything we do.

This year we’re embarking on a core messaging project to

  • build on our substantial strengths and share that information more effectively with our audiences,
  • tell the authentic stories of Wesleyan in a compelling way,
  • advance Wesleyan’s position as both a leader and innovator in the field of liberal education,
  • demonstrate Wesleyan’s outsized impact in the world, and
  • further define Wesleyan’s educational mission and audience to plan a path to our future.

During the core messaging process, we’ll be soliciting input and comments from stakeholders from across the University and beyond to create a message in a voice that will resonate not just in everything we do, but in everything we are. Students, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents: Together, we are Wesleyan.

Deb Katz
Director of Marketing

Key Nuttall
Chief Communications Officer