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Employees Covered by the Agreement between Wesleyan University and OPEIU Local 153 Physical Plant   

Eligibility Requirements 

 Dependent children are eligible for Wesleyan's Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship Program provided:    

  • The child is a dependent* son or daughter of a Wesleyan employee covered by the Agreement between Wesleyan University and OPEIU Local 153 Physical Plant.    
  • The parent is employed by Wesleyan on at least a three-quarter time basis (.75 FTE) at the time application is made and at the beginning and end of each academic term for which scholarship aid is granted.    
  • The parent has accumulated five or more years of continuous service with Wesleyan while serving at least .75 FTE throughout the qualifying period.    
  • The dependent child is enrolled for full-time study in an accredited undergraduate degree program. The maximum award is four full-time undergraduate years or the equivalent.    
  • If both parents are Wesleyan employees, the scholarships cannot be combined.            

The scholarship award is a payment toward the cost of tuition equal to the difference between the school's tuition charge and any scholarships received from sources other than Wesleyan, up to a maximum dollar amount equivalent to 50% of Wesleyan's tuition charge   

$27,157 for the 2018-2019 academic year 

$26,087 for the 2017-2018 academic year   


In the event the student’s tuition charge is less than 50% of Wesleyan's tuition charge, the difference will be applied to academic fees and books. Each child is eligible for one scholarship award. The total tuition scholarship to which each child is entitled will be apportioned equally among the academic terms constituting an academic year and credited to the student's account on that basis. Children of personnel working on a three-quarter basis or more, but less than full-time, will receive a scholarship proportionate to their parent's degree of full-time employment.   

*Tuition scholarships are available for a natural, adopted, or stepchild of yours, your spouse, or your domestic partner. The child must be listed on the current calendar year tax return as a dependent for tax purposes; if not, the son or daughter is independent of parental support and therefore not eligible. Suitable proof of dependency in connection with approval of your application may be requested.

Application Information

Applications for this benefit will be available through the Employee Portfolio each May.  An email from Wesleyan Benefits will be sent to employees when the applications are open and ready to be completed.