The Wesleyan Investments Office is charged with the day to day management of the Wesleyan endowment. The primary objective of the endowment is to provide enduring support for the academic mission of the University by releasing a sustainable and reliable flow of funds to the operating budget, thereby enhancing Wesleyan’s long-term financial stability and supporting excellence in programs, personnel, and facilities.
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    Securing Wesleyan’s Future

    Gifts to the endowment are a critical component to building a strong long-term financial foundation for Wesleyan. Gifts have a lasting and positive impact on the University’s ability to recruit and retain superb teacher-scholars, support financial aid, fund student internships, and encourage educational innovation.

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    Access for Talented Students

    Since the endowment supports the operating budget, its growth broadly improves the student experience at Wesleyan, and allows the University to increase access through financial aid. Thanks to generous donors, Wesleyan was able to establish more than 140 new endowed scholarships during the highly successful THIS IS WHY campaign.

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    Educational Innovation

    Long on the forefront of innovation in higher education, Wesleyan has recently established four new interdisciplinary colleges and the Center for Pedagogical Innovation, which acts as a catalyst on campus to inspire, incubate, and implement new educational ideas and technologies. Support from the endowment enables Wesleyan to be a bold leader in liberal arts education.