What our interns say about their experience in the Wesleyan Investment Office team:

"Up-beat, encouraging and everlasting. The WIO is a fast-paced environment and there is a lot to learn, but the team is always very supportive of your learning. The skills you gain from this internship will be with you forever."   

Kai Marcos, 2020 Intern. Read Kai's full Q&A here.

"Prior to the internship I had a limited understanding of investment finance. It is daunting to apply to something that you have no experience in, but if you are curious about investing or the endowment, and you're passionate about learning, don't let feeling unqualified stop you from applying!" 

Anna Yeo, 2020 Intern. Read Anna's full Q&A here.

"As an intern in the WIO you are given a solid, well-rounded introduction to the world of investing. The knowledge and perspective I gained was pivotal in helping me decide my next course of action."

Dabin Shin, 2020 Intern. Read Dabin's full Q&A here.


Meet our Summer 2021 Interns

  • Natchanok "Pim" Wandee

    What attracted you to the Wesleyan Investments Office?

    I am interested in the Investments Office because it will provide me the opportunity to work across all asset classes. After speaking with a lot of past interns who had great experiences there, I decided that the collaborative culture at WIO would be most conducive to my growth. 

    What do you hope to learn from your internship?

    I hope to learn about different asset classes, investment strategies, and philosophies directly from professionals with decades of experience, giving me a solid foundation in the investment world.

  • Hudson Dore

    What attracted you to the Investments Office? 

    I am attracted to the Investments Office because I want exposure to a broad array of asset classes while advancing the university's educational mission. As a student-athlete, I also value the office's strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. 


    What do you hope to learn from your internship?

    During my internship, I hope to learn more about how the office selects investments across asset classes. Additionally, after interning previously at a healthcare startup, I want to apply my knowledge in this sector to my summer project.

  • Bob Liu

    What attracted you to the Wesleyan Investments Office?

    I find the WIO internship exciting because I can collaborate with a great team. I am eager to apply my research experience in financial markets to analyzing investment options for Wesleyan University.

    What do you hope to learn from your internship?

    I would love to learn about the investment decision-making process and about specialized asset classes and fields.

Past Interns