Brett joined the Investments Office in November 2005.  His responsibilities include monitoring and verifying third party investment performance reporting, managing operational activities, and assisting in manager due diligence.  Brett also acts as a liaison with the University’s Office of Finance and Administration, auditors, custodians, and external counsel.  Prior to joining Wesleyan, Brett held investment accounting, audit, and treasury positions at Phoenix Investment Partners, Cigna, ING, and Aeltus Investment Management.  Brett graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Quinnipiac University.  He received an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Hartford.

What do you love about Wesleyan? 

I love the sense of community on campus.  Everyone on campus is driven and passionate about Wesleyan.  I also admire the devotion and life-long connection that many alumni have towards the school.  I think it speaks volumes to the profound impact that the Wesleyan experience has on students.

What inspires you? 

I am inspired to take on challenging tasks that provide me with the opportunity to learn new things.  For example, I always look forward to researching, designing, and completing home renovation projects.  I am also inspired to be a great role model to my kids. 

What do you care about/ do for fun?

I love to design and build things.  It’s fun to think about how changing something today will affect its functionality in the future.  I’ve always enjoyed taking things apart to understand how they work, just to put them back together again.  Of course, a quick arts and crafts project with the kids is great too!