Wesleyan Endowments FAQ

  • What return did the endowment have in fiscal year 2017, and what is the current value of the endowment?
    The endowment generated a 14.6% return in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. The endowment pool value increased to a balance of $967.2 million at the fiscal year-end, up from $802.2 million just 12 months prior. As of December 31, 2017, the value of the endowment was approximately $1 billion. This substantial growth was a result of not only the investment return, but also a record $43 million in gifts to the endowment during fiscal year 2017, as well as the cumulative impact of many years of disciplined spending.
  • What percentage of Wesleyan's operating budget does the endowment fund?
    In fiscal year 2017, the endowment supported 18% of the University’s operating budget, contributing $36.3 million, mostly toward financial aid and academics.
  • How does the Wesleyan Fund contribute to the endowment?
    Gifts to the Wesleyan Fund play a crucial role in supporting operations at Wesleyan, including the academic and residential life of every student. While annual fund gifts are not added to the endowment, meeting our annual goals for the Wesleyan Fund offsets the need to fund operations from the endowment.