Chief Investment Officer, Wesleyan University

    In 2010, Anne Martin became Wesleyan University’s Chief Investment Officer.  She previously was a Director at the Yale Investments Office where she worked primarily on the Natural Resources and Private Equity portfolios. Prior to joining Yale, Anne worked as a general partner of private equity firm Rosewood Capital in San Francisco, California where she focused on Internet, software, and business service investments. Prior to that, Martin was a managing director at Alex. Brown (a/k/a BT Alex Brown) in its technology practice, where she worked on corporate finance and merger and acquisitions in the information technology sector. She is a graduate of Smith College, cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and holds an M.B.A. from Stanford Business School.

    Anne was a co-founder, board member and Board Chair of the Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins, an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to finding therapies for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (alscenter.org). She was part of the national rowing team from 1985-1988 and has also served as a director and co-Chair of the National Rowing Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to preparing the next generation of U.S. rowers for the highest levels of international competition (natrowing.org). Anne serves on the investment committee for Smith College and is an advisor to the Packard Foundation Investment Committee.

What do you love about Wesleyan? 

I came to Wesleyan from Yale’s investment office in part because I had a long history with the school beginning with my great uncle (class of 1929).  I have eight family members that have graduated from the school since then.  Although I am not a Wesleyan graduate myself, I heard about Wesleyan from birth and grew up listening to my family sing the Wesleyan fight song.

There are so many things to love about Wesleyan. The school attracts independent thinkers who are passionate about changing the world for the better.  I love that the school’s value system has focused on diversity and social justice long before it was in fashion.  I am a huge believer in liberal arts education as a way to develop critical thinking skills that help people form good judgment, become better citizens, and lead richer lives.


What inspires you? What do you care about/ do for fun?

I’m a huge reader – there is nothing better than a great book, particularly when it helps me to see the world in a new light or inspires a new idea or insight. I also just read for old-fashioned escapism. I try to read  50 books a year and I’ll read anything from non-fiction to history to mystery.  

I’m also a life-long athlete. If I’m not working, reading or hanging out with my family, I’m probably riding my bicycle, skiing or hiking. I was super competitive when I was younger.  Now I just like being outside and enjoying the fitness I still have.