Senior Productions and Projects

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    They Alone Know

    A Senior Capstone Project
    They Alone Know, By Jean Tardieu
    At the Telephone, By André de Lorde
    The Lighthouse Keepers, By Paul Autier and Paul Cloquemin
    Adapted and Performed by Daniel Maseda '16
    Directed by Russell Goldman '17
    Scenic Designer Nola Werlinich '17
    Costume Designer Sofie Somoroff '18
    Lighting Designer Maia Nelles-Sager '17
    Sound Designer Miranda Gohh  '17
    Spring 2016

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    Based on the novel by Gertrude Stein
    A Senior Thesis Production
    Adapted and Performed by Katherine Malczewski '15
    Animation Designer Cicily Clare Gruber
    Directed by Claudia Tatinge Nascimento
    Costume Designer Hanako Rodriguez
    Lighting Designer Maia Nelles-Sager
    Spring 2015
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    The Visiting Room

    A Senior Thesis Production
    Created and Performed by Sara Guernsey '15
    Scenic and Props Designer Melanie Parziale
    Costume Designer Miranda Haymon
    Lighting Designer Tawni Stoop
    Sound Designer Michael Edwards
    Spring 2015
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    A Senior Thesis Production
    Directed by Grace Herman-Holland '15
    Music Director Max Luton
    Set Designer Silas Newman
    Lighting Designer Brendan Coakley
    Costume Designer Addie McDowell
    Sound Designer Jason Wangsadinata
    Spring 2015

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    The Serpent

    A Senior Capstone Project
    Directed by Sivan Battat '15
    Set Designer Cara Sunberg
    Costume Design Sofie Somoroff
    Sound Design/Music Direction Ben Zucker
    Lighting Design Rachel Leicher
    Fall 2014

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    Until We Get It Right

    A Senior Thesis Staged Reading
    Written and directed by Natalie Sacks '14

    Friday, April 25 & Saturday April 26, 2014 at 8pm
    Theater Studio

    Until We Get It Right is a deconstructed portrait of major depression across the past 150 years.  Using snapshot scenes and actors playing multiple characters, the play tells the stories of three troubled individuals and their struggles to relate to their loved ones. Written and presented in partial fulfillment of her Honors Thesis in Theater, Natalie Sacks '14 wrote this play to consider how the extremely personal, internal experience of depression can be shared with an audience.

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    A La Ronda/To the Circle

    A Senior Thesis Production
    Adapted and directed by Claire Whitehouse '14*
    Scenic Design by Hanako Rodriguez '15
    Costume Design by Addison McDowell '16
    Lighting Design by Ariella Axelbank '14
    Spring 2014

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    Fire + Bone

    A Senior Thesis Production
    Directed by Lily Haje '13
    Lead Space Designer Strattor Coffman
    Space Designers Aaron Khandros, Angela Goldman, Ariella Axelbank, Bennett Kirshner, Paulie Lowther
    Costume Designer Jenna Weinstein
    Sound Designer Ben Zucker
  • Super Frog Saves Tokyo

    A Senior Thesis Production
    By Tessa Young '13

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    The Kindness of Strangers

    A Senior Thesis Production - Solo Performance
    By Emily A. Hunt '13
    Scenic Designer Dominique Moore '14
    Lighting Designer Ariella Axelbank '14
    Costume Design Paulie Lowther '13

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    The Tempest

    A Senior Thesis Project
    By Nicholas Orvis '13
    Directed by Nicholas Orvis '13
    Scenic Designer Emeline Finckel '14
    Lighting Designer Rachel Leicher '15
    Mask Designer Tessa Young '13
    Sound Designer Christine Treuhold '13
    Fall 2012
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    Lift Your Head

    A Senior Thesis Production
    By Sarah Wolfe ‘12
    Designed by Tessa Young ‘13
    Costume Construction Sarah Corey '15
    Assistant Lighting Designer Ross Firestone '12
    Fall 2011
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    Devotedly, Sincerely Yours: The Story of the USO

    A Senior Thesis Production
    By Samantha Joy Pearlman ‘11

    Director/choreographer Samantha Joy Pearlman '11
    Music Director Ian Coss '11
    Costume Designer Kimberly Prosise '11
    Lighting Designer Dakota Gardner '11
    Spring 2011
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    Our Day Will Come

    A Senior Thesis Production
    By Ariela Rotenberg ‘10
    Directed by David B. Jaffe
    Scenic Designer Dakota Gardner ‘11
    Lighting Designer Dakota Gardner ‘11
    Fall 2009
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    Have At You Now!

    An Examination of Violent Encounters
    A Senior Thesis Production
    Conceived and Choreographed
    By Sean Chin '09
    Spring 2009
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    Fefu and Her Friends

    By Maria Irene Fornes
    A Senior Thesis Production
    Directed by Gedney Barclay '09
    Set Designer Greg Soros '10
    Costume Designer Elizabeth Collector '09
    Lighting Designer Anna Martin '09
    Spring 2009
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    Happy Days

    By Samuel Beckett
    A Senior Thesis Production
    By Annie Palladino ‘09

    Directed by Gedney Barclay ‘09
    Scenic Designer Ian Agoos ‘10
    Lighting Designer Ian Agoos ‘10
    Fall 2008
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    Ghost Vaudevillians on the Summerland Circuit

    A Senior Thesis Production
    by Kieran Kredell '08
    Directed by Kieran Kredell '08
    Scenery by Ian Agoos '10
    Costumes by Silvie Deutsch '09
    Lighting Designer Matt Bush '09

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    A Journey Around My Room

    A Senior Thesis Production
    Directed by Emmalee Riegler '08
    Scenic Designer Emily Gallivan '08
    Costume Designer Lindsay Wright '10
    Lighting Designer Danica Pantic '09
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    We Can’t Reach You, Hartford

    A Senior Thesis Production
    Directed by Jess Chayes ‘07
    Scenic Designer Nick Benacerraf ‘08
    Costume Designer Andrea Lipsky-Karasz ‘08
    Lighting Designer Greg Malen ‘07
    Spring 2007
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    Bridge of San Luis Rey

    A Senior Thesis Production
    Directed by Rebecca Josue ‘06
    Scenic Designer Michael Kerns ‘06
    Costume Designer Jessica Lane ‘06
    Lighting Designers Francesca Geiger ’07 & David Haan ‘06
    Spring 2006
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    A Senior Thesis Production
    Directed by Lillian Whitsitt ‘06
    Scenic Designers Zachary Bruner ’08 & Sara Ross ‘06
    Costume Designer Andrea Lipsky-Karasz ‘08
    Lighting Designer Greg Malen ‘07
    Spring 2006
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    A Senior Thesis Production
    By Joshua Lubin-Levy '06 & Kaneza Schaal '06
    Fall 2005
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    The Terrible Parable of Leni Reifenstahl

    A Senior Thesis Production
    Directed by Christopher E. Kaminstein '05
    Music and Lyrics by Benh Zeitlin '04
    Set Designers Ray Tintori '06 & Rob Leitzell '06
    Lighting Designer Rebecca Lipman '06
    Costume Designer Charlie Morris '06
    Fall 2004
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    Natalida Notebook

    A Senior Thesis Production
    Directed by Andrea Wilson ‘03
    Scenic Designer Mikey Feinberg ‘03
    Costume Designer Zoe Levy ‘03
    Lighting Designer Ata Suanda ‘03
    Spring 2003