HealthFull Words Fund

The HealthFull Words Fund (HWF) was developed by WesWELL in 2002 to provide funding for student-initiated educational events which address health issues relevant to the Wesleyan population. Limited funds are available each semester. Therefore, students and organizations are encouraged to apply early as we will not accept applications once funds are depleted.


HealthFull Words Fund Criteria

Please review the following HWF Criteria before applying to ensure your program is eligible for funding consideration. Contact WesWELL with any questions. 


For a program to be eligible for HWF funding, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The planned program must be educational, not social. 
    This could include a lecture, workshop, facilitated discussion, brochure series, social norms campaign or other educational presentation that has a planned agenda and imparts new knowledge to the audience. (i.e. a workshop on safer sex practices would be eligible; a safer sex party would not.)
  • The program must address a health issue relevant to Wesleyan students. 
    Preference is given to programs which help students in making decisions about their own own health and well-being. Potential topics include, but are not limited to: alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; sexual and reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS and other STI’s; sexual assault and relationship violence; body image, eating disorders; mental and emotional health issues; stress management; nutrition and fitness; healthy relationships, etc.
  • The program must be accessible to anyone in the Wesleyan University community, not only a select group of individuals or residents of a particular living area.
  • You must submit your request at least two weeks prior to your program/event date. This will ensure the WesWell interns have time to review and discuss your request, seek clarity if necessary, and if approved, transfer funds in a timely manner.

The following guidelines will help support a successful application:

  • Organizers are STRONGLY encouraged to seek out other funding sources.
    The full dollar amount requested may be not approved to allow fair access to funds by groups throughout the year. Therefore, requesting students or organizations should make every effort to seek financial co-sponsorship from the WSAStudent Involvement, or other funding sources. Monies will not be approved to fund more than one event by the same organizer(s) in the same semester without a substantial change in the event’s focus.
  • Collaboration between organizations is highly encouraged. 
    One group or individual may apply for a maximum of $100 per event. Multiple sponsors can make only one request for funding per event. The professional and student staff members of WesWELL are available to assist with accessing resources, programming planning and for collaboration.

Application Review & Notification

All HWF applications will be considered by a review board consisting of WesWELL student Interns and the Director of Health Education during their regularly scheduled meetings. All decisions are made by the WesWell Interns; the Director has voice, but does not vote. The contact person(s) listed on the HWF application will be notified of their approval or disapproval by email within 24 hours of the conclusion of these meetings.

Approved Funds

If your HWF application is approved, you will be provided with information on how the funds will be disbursed to your organization. If any questions arise about your funds, contact WesWELL . 

Notice on Payments to Performers & Service Providers

According to state and federal tax laws, Wesleyan University is required to withhold or report taxes on any fees for services rendered by an individual or organization (i.e. lecturer, performer, workshop facilitator, technicians, security personnel, etc.). Therefore, these service providers MUST be paid directly by the University. Payment may come from a WSA student organization or other University office. If payment is made by a student to a performer, said student WILL NOT be reimbursed, as this is considered third party reimbursement.


If your program is cancelled or you expect for any reason that you will not be using the funds you have been approved for, please notify WesWELL as soon as possible. This will allow the funding to be released to sponsor other programs.


HealthFull Words Fund Application

Submit an HWF Application a minimum of two weeks prior to the event to allow time for your application to be considered.