SCIE 641
Volcanoes and Earthquakes in Human History

Kirsten Nicholson     

Course Schedule

September 26
October 10
October 17
October 24
October 31
November 2
December 12
December 19
plus 2 weekend field trips, to be arranged during first class meeting

Required Reading

De Boer and Sanders: Volcanoes in Human History, 2002

De Boer and Sanders: Earthquakes in Human History, 2005

Suggested Reading

Condie, K.C.: Plate tectonics and crustal evolution, Pergamon Press, 1989

Kovach, R.L.: Early Earthquakes of the Americas, Cambridge University Press, 2004

Scarth, A.: Vulcan’s Fury, 1999

Sieh, K. and S. Levaq: The Earth in Turmoil, 1998

Sigurdsson, H. (editor): Encyclopedia of Volcanoes, Academic Press, NY, 2000

Simkin, T. and L. Siebert: Volcanoes of the World, Geoscience Press, Tucson, 1994