ARTS 623
Earthworks, Environmental Sculpture and Eco-Art: 1965-Present

Michael Pestel       

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Expectations and Outcomes

The expectations for this course hinge on students' ability to grapple with the issues presented and to bring them into an active artistic dialogue with real-life concerns about and an informed fascination with the environment. Though this is not a studio course, it aims to provide the conceptual tools and historical background needed for students to take steps beyond the classroom. In this spirit, Dr. Bob Johnson ( will guest lecture on "Artful Trash Management" and lead us in a workshop on the Connecticut River towards the end of the semester. Whenever he is asked what his own expectations are, i.e., how far he intends to take the Rivercube project, his response is always the same: "to the point where it becomes contagious!"

Required Texts

Overlay, Lucy Lippard. New York: Pantheon Books, 1983
Land and Environmental Art
, Kastner, Jeffrey and Wallis, Brian. London: Phaidon 1998
Sue Spaid. Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, 2002.
Miscellaneous supplementary materials and Website:

Optional Recommended Texts

Earthworks and Beyond, 3rd Edition., John Beardsley. New York, Abbeville Press, 1998
The Lure of the Local
. Lippard, Lucy. New York. The New Press, 1997

Required Course Work and Grading

10% Participation and attendance
20% Two take-home quizzes (10% each)
30% Two paper/projects (15% each)*
40% Final research/project paper and class presentation**

*Short paper/project #1 (due 2/22): Two artists under discussion – Robert Smithson and Ana Mendieta – died tragically in their mid-30's.  Choose one of them, project yourself into their work, and design on paper a posthumous piece that might have been created had they lived. Please submit a written description of this work along with four references to documented works discovered through your research into these artists.  Optionally, you may create a maquette or an object, performance, video, or photos related to the projected work, but a written proposal with sketch(es) will suffice (3 pages).

#2 (due 3/29) TBA

**Final Paper/Project/Presentation (due 4/26): Here you have a choice of:
1)term paper (10-12 pp. including drawings, photos, or sketches) or
2) project and paper (5-6 pp)

Schedule and Readings

Topic Advance Preparation
January 25

Intro: Robert Irwin's categories


Read:  see Pre-start assignment 
Kastner/Wallis tba
  Lippard pp. 15-75

February 1

Stones, Feminism and Prehistory


Read:  see Pre-start assignment 
Kastner/Wallis tba
  Lippard pp. 15-75

February 8 The Forms of Time: Earth and Sky,        Words and Numbers

Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba Review:        Lippard pp. 77-119

February 15 Time and Again: Maps, Places and Journeys (Take-home quiz) Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba
Review:      Lippard pp. 121-156
February 22 Ritual
First quiz/paper/project due

Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba
Review:        Lippard pp. 159-195

March 1 Homes, Graves and Gardens Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba
Review:      Lippard pp. 197-238
March 8

The New Urban Landscape
Final research/project topic due

Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba
Read:      K&W pp. 10-41
March 22

Activism and The Greening of Art          (Take-home quiz)

Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba
Read:        Spaid pp. 1-52

March 29 Living with Brownfields
Second quiz/paper/project due
Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba Read:      Spaid pp. 53-64
April 5 Biodiversity/ Accommodating species

Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba Read:        Spaid pp. 65-88

April 12 Urban infrastructure/ Environmental Justice Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba Read:      Spaid pp. 89-108
April 19 Reclamation and Restoration Aesthetics Re(ad)search: Kastner/Wallis tba Read:      Spaid pp. 109-130
April 26

Individual Presentations                   Final paper/project due


Eco-Art, Environmental Sculpture, and Landscape Design
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