ARTS 669
Writing on Dance

Melinda Buckwalter      


To research our writing and viewing styles, to learn to see "out of the box," and to inform our movement through writing and our writing through movement.

An interest in movement and writing and a willingness to investigate through movement.
Course Schedule
Week 1 Discussion: Survey of the field, background & issues, viewing styles, proprioception
Assignment due: Describe an eye-catching movement
Practice:  Eye Practices, Blind Trios/video
Assignment: Description of eyes opened vs. eyes closed  movement
Response to performance: Logistics Explanation
Week 2 Reading: Banes, Dunn and Peeters
Discussion: Types of Criticism
Practice: Blind learners/video
Assignment: Describe a movement event from Dunn's perspective
Week 3 Reading: Dharma Art Letter, Edwin Denby, Jill Johnston
Discussion: Expert vs. Beginner's Mind; Viewing & Writing styles
Practice: Red Square
Assignment: Describe an event from 3 different perspectives
Week 4 Reading: Lisa Nelson In the Ballroom, Tere O'Connor
Discussion: Multi-interpretations
Practice: Single Image scores; Beginnings & ends, Calls
Assignment: What makes a beginning a beginning and an end an end?
Week 5 Reading: Lisa Nelson
Discussion: Feedback and Editing
Practice: In class editing & more calls
Assignment: Rework a previous assignment
Week 6 Midterm: In class response to videos & movements shorts
Discussion: Final Projects
Practice: "Shorties"
Week 7 Reading: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Susan Blackmore
Discussion: Observing how we see; the movement/vision connection; dance as a visual art
Practice: Eyes like a Camera; Tuning Calls
Assignment: Catalogue of visual desires and kinesthetics of seeing
Week 8 Reading: Barbara Dilley; Leonard Koren, Arranging Things excerpt
Discussion: The Various Eyes; Compositional vs. relational viewpoints
Practice: Object Play/Objects in space
Assignment: Describe a found composition
Week 9 Reading: Hay, Forti & Dilley
Discussion: Use of words in dance
Practice: Sets/video
Assignment: Create words for a movement piece
Week 10 Reading: Mike Vargas, 86 Aspects of Composition, Corporal Literacy
Discussion: Layers of meaning, Corporal Literacy
Practice: Readings & rehearsals
Assignment: Final Projects
Week 11 & 12 Final Project Presentations including showings, feedback, reworking