HUMS 652
Ulysses: James Joyce and the Art of the Novel

Daniel Burt

The Plan
Students should progress through Ulysses before the March immersion week assisted by an unabridged dramatized version of Ulysses, a chapter-by-chapter series of audio lectures by Professor James A.W. Heffernan, Dartmouth College, "Joyce's Ulysses produced by The Teaching Company, and a chapter-by-chapter set of notes, al available on Wesleyan's Blackboard system. See the preliminary schedule below. To focus the reading, students should collect biographical evidence from the text to serve as the basis for character analyses of Stephen Dedalus and Leopold and Molly Bloom and to test comprehension in a series of quizzes. Queries and comments can be posted on the Blackboard system. The class will meet on January 25, at 6 p.m. (location to be announced) and once in February (to be announced) to monitor progress.

During the immersion week, students will share in facilitation of class discussions and complete preliminary work on writing assignments that will be due a week after the immersion class has ended.

The Preliminary Schedule
Week of January 23-27: Telemachiad 1, Episodes 1-2
Week of January 30-February 3: Telemachiad 2, Episode 3
Week of February 6-10: Wanderings of Bloom 1, Episodes 4-6
Week of February 13-17: Wanderings of Bloom 2, Episode 7-10
Week of February 20-24: Wanderings of Bloom 3, Episodes 11-14
Week of February 27-March 3: Wanderings of Bloom 4, Episode 15
Week of March 6-10: Homecoming, Episodes 16-17
Week of March 13-17: Homecoming 2, Episode 18
The Course Schedule
March 20 Telemachiad, Episodes 1-3

9:30-12: Overview and Introduction: Joyce and the Creation of Ulysses
Screening: "Joyce to the World"
Stephen's Progress: Episode 1-3

March 21 The Wanderings of Bloom 1, Episodes 4-8

9:30-12: Episodes 4-6
Episodes 7-8
Screening: "Nora"

March 22 The Wanderings of Bloom 2, Episodes 9-12

9:30-12: Episodes 9-10
Episodes 11-12
Screening: "Ulysses" (1967)

March 23 The Wanderings of Bloom 3, Episodes 13-15

9:30-12: Episodes 13-14
Screening: "Bloom"
Episode 15

March 24 Homecoming, Episodes 16-18

9:30-12: Episodes 16-17
Ulysses Lunch
Screening: "Joyce's Women"
Episode 18 and conclusion: Ulysses and the Modern Novel

Other than keeping a "biographical" notebook on the three major characters in Ulysses and sharing facilitation during our discussions of the novel, there will be two major writing assignments: (1) a character analysis of Leopold Bloom, Stephen Dedalus, and Molly Bloom (5 pp.) and (2) a stylistic analysis of one of the chapters of Ulysses demonstrating how Joyce's style and narrative method contributes to meaning. The writing assignments will be due on Friday, March 31, 2006.