SCIE 644
Oceanography: The Ocean System

Suzanne O'Connell

Primary Texts
Garrison, T., 2006. Essentials of Oceanography, Thompson/Cole/Brooks, Belmont, CA,
IPCC Report Climate Change 2001: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
Additional short readings determined by class interest and media coverage
Course Requirements
Short weekly pre-class assignment (25%), in-class exercises (25%), class participation (25%), research paper (5-8 pages, plus figures, tables and bibliography) (25%, includes peer reviewed draft)
Course Schedule
January 25 Introduction to the Course, Origin of the Earth & Ocean and Marine History
Chapters 1&2
February 1 Plate Tectonics - the Ultimate in Recycling
Chapter 3
February 8 Ocean Floor - Face of the Abyss
Chapter 4, 299-300
February 15 Marine Sediments & Ocean & Climate History
Chapter 5
February 22 Water is Weird & the Ocean is Salty
Chapter 6
March 1 Atmospheric Circulation/El Nino/Hurricanes
Chapter 7
March 8 Ocean Circulation - Heat, Oxygen, and Nutrient Redistribution
Chapter 8
March 29 Chapters 9 & 10
April 5 Coasts & Estuaries - Fragile and Critical
Chapter 11
April 12 Ocean Life from Top to Bottom
Chapters 12 & 13
April 19 Attack on the Oceans
Chapter 15
April 26 CT Coast Field Trip
Chapter 14
May 3 Adapting to a Warmer Ocean
IPCC Report
I am available by email @ (preferred) and by phone, 860/685-2262.
Several organizations offer oceanography expeditions. On the first day of class we will see if people are interested in participating in an expedition (~$25-50/person) and available dates.  If there is sufficient interest, we will schedule an expedition.