HUMS 650
War and Peace: Tolstoy and the Art of the Novel

Daniel Burt

Course Schedule
June 29 Introduction to the course and logistics; biographical/literary coordinates
July 1 Book 1 (91 pp.)
July 6 Book 2 (78 pp.)
July 8 Book 3 (80 pp.)
July 13 Books 4 & 5 (106 pp.)
July 15 Books 6 & 7 (105 pp.)
July 20 Books 8 & 9 (130 pp.)
July 22 Book 10 (123 pp.)
July 27 Book 11 (95 pp.)
July 29 Books 12 & 13 (82 pp.)
August 3 Books 14 & 15 (83 pp.)
August 5 Epilogues (77 pp.)/Wrap-Up
August 10 Character or Scene Analysis and Take-Home Final due
Since the course only meets twelve times, it is essential that you come to every class having read with care each assignment. If you must miss a class, please contact me ahead of time, if at all possible, by phone or e-mail. You should keep detailed notes on your reading throughout the term in a notebook. Deadlines for submission of work and presentations are serious and grade reductions will be made for any unexcused missed deadline. Please see me ahead of the due dates to discuss any problems you may have. Each class meeting will include a short break. I don't mind your bringing something to eat or drink to sustain you through our discussion, provided your are unobtrusive; sharing would be nice!
You will be asked to complete three writing assignments. The first is an abstract (3-5 pp.) of a 15-minute oral presentation on your research into some aspect of the cultural, historical, or artistic issues reflected in War and Peace. You might, for example, report on aspects of Tolstoy's life, thought, or writing career; aspects of military or social life, biographical details on a historical figure, or explication of some of the details in the novels such as dancing, religion, class, transportation, clothing, etc. The abstract need not be the text of your presentation, but a summary of the highlights of your research that you will also share orally with the class on the date assigned. The second writing assignment is a character or scene analysis (7-10 pp.) due on August 10th. There will be a take-home final examination, distributed on August 5th, also due on August 10th.