ARTS 631
Strictly Abstract Drawing

Peter Waite          

Brief Outline and Objectives

To explore various notions of non-representational, or abstract, imagery through the inventive use of both traditional (charcoal) and non-traditional (carpenter’s snap lines) drawing media.

Some of the topics to be explored will include line, value, composition, representation of contrasts, repetition, the development of systems, rules, or invented formulas for making a drawing. The use of gravity (washes), stencils, found objects or devices to make marks (twigs, sponges, cheese cloth, squeegees, combs, string, toothbrushes, straight edges, French curves, snap lines, etc.). Drawing in nature with nature (earth art). The use of the camera (small digital or disposable). 

Some of the physical and psychological topics to be touched upon: contour, gesture, opposites, additive/subtractive drawing (erasers and charcoal), attitude and placement (composition), movement in space, perspective, sighting, measurements and orientation, the use of geometry (drawing a star) both real and invented, landmarks and orientation, straight curved analysis, repetition (slinky drawings), weight and modeled form, light, optical mixtures, invention and memory.  

Additional to class work, as well as weekend homework which will be an extension of the previous week’s investigations, students will develop a final project which will be a series of unique and focused drawings (not less than six) of one’s own choosing which incorporate or embellish upon the methods of working touched upon in the class.

Students may well already have many of the materials and much will be supplied by the instructor. Do to the experimental nature of this course, materials may change and alter from those on the original list and the instructor may ask that specific items be brought in. Expect to pay $60 or less for materials and paper.