SCIE 641
Earth Resources

Jelle de Boer

Resources of the Earth by James R. Craig et al., Prentice Hall, 2001. Try to get a used copy via
Course Schedule
June 25 Geologic Concepts (minerals/sediments)
Geologic Concepts (fractures/tectonic plates)
Read Chapter 1
June 27 Stone Age (Africa) - Chapter 3
Stone Age (Europe) - Chapter 3
July 2 Fieldtrip: Portland area (sandstone)
July 9 Water and Soils - Chapters 11&12
Agricultural Revolution (Middle East) - Chapter 9
July 11 Copper and Tin - Chapter 8
Bronze Age (Europe)
July 16 Fieldtrip: Granby area (copper)
July 18 Salt (too little - too much)
Silver (Spain's Empire) - Chapter 8

Submit paper on Water Resources in NE; present and future

July 23 Limestone - Chapter 10
Feast, Famine and Limestone
July 25 Iron (Industrial Revolution ) - Chapter 7
Coal - Chapter 5
July 30 Fieldtrip: Bull's Bridge (iron)
August 1 Coal, Blood and Iron
Oil - Chapter 5
August 6 Nuclear
Renewable Resources

Submit paper on Energy Resources in NE; present and future

August 8 Discussion Reports
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