SCIE 680
Molecular Biology Laboratory

Michael McAlear

Course Schedule
June 18 Check in, introductions

Lecture: Basics of molecular biology
Lecture: Restriction enzymes

Exp 1: Run a digest of plasmid DNA
Tf E. coli with ryPCNA plasmid

Exp 2: Dilute, plate, irradiate yeast

June 19 Lecture: The Polymerase Chain Reaction

Exp 3: Do PCR reaction, run on gel
Exp 1: Get E. coli tf off plates, into LB Amp

Lecture: DNA sequencing
Lecture: Yeast life cycle, genetics

June 20 Exp 1: Induce E. coli with IPTG
Collect cells
Exp 4: Inoculate yeast onto plates
June 21 Lecture: Protein purification

Exp 1: Lyse E. coli cells
Put extracts on Ni beads and wash
Run Protein gel, stain overnight

Lecture: Protein synthesis

June 22 Exp 1: Get de-stained protein gel
Exp 2: Count viable yeast colonies, plot viabilities
Exp 4: Score yeast plates for growth

Lecture: DNA microchips

June 23 Wrap up