Sep 7

Bach to School

06:00 pm

Ebrecht's annual faculty recital, Bach to School , marking his 30 years at Wesleyan

Sponsor: Molokwu, Ariana

Sep 8


02:00 pm

Inspired by Fete de la Musique (also known as World Music Day), the seventh annual The MASH festival highlights Wesleyan's student music scene, with multiple stages on campus featuring everything from a cappella ensembles to student, faculty, and alumni bands. For more information, please visit the Center for the Arts website or call 860-685-3355.

Sponsor: Center for the Arts

Oct 7

This Is It! #16

03:00 pm

This Is It! No. 16. The penultimate event in the series of recitals comprising the complete piano works of Neely Bruce. Featuring the Sixth Piano Sonata and the first performances of Sound Effects (42 extremely short pieces) and Homage to Aronchik (based on the tone row that Aaron Copland was working on, at the time of his death).

Sponsor: Bruce, Neely