Declaring the Music Major

Students interested in becoming a Music Major will complete the following steps in the Spring semester of their sophomore year.  An audition is not a requirement for declaring the major.  The Music Major Open house is typically held in February and notification of the Open House is posted here and in the Music Studios Lobby.


For Wesleyan Sophomores Preparing to Declare the their Major

TBA February 2016

To Become a Music Major:

  1. Attend the Music Major Open House to pick up required paperwork and to be assigned a music advisor.
  2. If you didn't attend the Open House see Sandy Brough (Music Studios 109) to be assigned a music advisor and pick up the required paperwork
  3. Fill out the In-House Concentration Form  

                Please include:

  • Music courses already taken - include the semester and the grade.
  • Project music courses you intend to take by using the course lists provided. Use the same lists to project for junior and senior year.
  • On the back side of the form include courses taken outside of Music. Include courses already taken and courses that you are currently taking. You do not need to project future courses here.
  • Indicate whether you are planning a senior project or Honors Thesis
 4.  Do the following for declaring Spring Semester 2016   -    Paperwork due by Friday, February 26, 2016
  • Make an appointment and meet with your assigned music advisor prior to Friday, February 26th. Fully complete the In-House Concentration Form. 
  • Have your music advisor sign the completed form.
  • Turn your In-House Concentration Form (signed only by you and your advisor) to Sandy in Music Studios 109.
  • Formally declare the Music Major in your portfolio.

 5.  You will receive formal notification if you have been approved as a Music Major by the faculty.

Please contact Sandy Brough with any questions.