Academic Advising Resources for Faculty

Key Advising Resources

Advising Matters
General advising resource for faculty

First-Year Advising Training from the Registrar's Office
Nuts and bolts presentation from Faculty Advisor Briefing on August 28, 2019

Information Packet for Advisors of First-Year Students
Comprehensive information for advisors of incoming class of 2023


Timeline and calendar for advising through the academic year

General Advising Resources:

Capstone Options by Major 
Lists every capstone option for each major and whether a capstone is required or optional

Gen Ed Requirements by Department
Departmental listing of General Education Requirements

Major Admission Requirements
List of the admission requirements for every major

Major Requirements
List of the major requirements for every major

Moodle for Advising

How to create a Moodle for Advising (schedule advising appointments, send emails, etc.)

Programs with Restrictive Requirements

List of programs that have early and/or restrictive requirements 

Three-Year Option
Information about the option to graduate in three years

Video:  Course Selection Advising Guidelines for Incoming Students
Discussion of first-year course selection

Math and Science Advising Resources:

Astronomy Advising Information
Important information for potential Astronomy majors

Chemistry Advising Information
Course decision tree 

Engineering at Wesleyan
Information for students who are interested in engineering

Life Sciences Advising Information
List of life sciences courses that are appropriate for first year students

Health Professions Advising Information
Important information for students who are interested in pre-med or other health professions

Math Advising Information
Guidelines to determine which math course is appropriate for a particular first year student

Courses Appropriate for First Year Students
List of courses that are appropriate for first year students

Physics Advising Information
Flow chart with pathways to first year physics at Wesleyan

Writing Advising Resources:

Writing Workshop
The Writing Workshop is a resource for students concerned about academic writing

Global Studies Advising Resources:

Advising for a Global Education
Information about the benefits of, and options and planning for, a global education

Office of Study Abroad
Information from the Office of Study Abroad

Why Foreign-Language Study
Why Foreign-Language Study is a Good Idea for Every Student

Graduate Programs Resources:

BA/MA Program
Information about the BA/MA programs in natural sciences, mathematics, and psychology

Dual Degree Programs
Information about dual degree programs with Columbia, Dartmouth, and California Institute of Technology

Additional Resources for Students:

Advising Guidelines for Students
Text and videos provide an overview of academic advising for students

Class Deans
Contact information and class year for the four class deans

Gordon Career Center
The Career Center offers resources to help plan now for life after graduation

New Student Orientation
Website with orientation information for the Class of 2021

Peer Advising Program
Peer advisors are available for one-on-one appointments, and maintain an active advising blog

Student Academic Resources (SAR)
SAR coordinates various programs for support and enrichment

Online videos and FAQs about each field of study intended for incoming students