The current permits expire on August 31, 2025.  Any updates to vehicles registered can by done by emailing parking@wesleyan.edu.

Due to construction projects, faculty/staff will be allowed to park in other color zones providing they are following the other regulation and special signage. 

Please note our parking tickets will change this summer on July 1st, 2024!  A sample is included below.  These tickets should be easier to read and understand the violation.


Please review these regulations, you will find the registration link at the end.

  • All employees at Wesleyan must register their vehicle with Public Safety. Unregistered vehicles are subject to ticketing, towing, or immobilization via a wheel clamp “boot”
  • All faculty and staff need to register their vehicles via the link on the Public Safety website. Multiple vehicles can be registered to one permit and the employee should move the hang tag between different vehicles.
  • There is no charge this year for registering vehicles for faculty/staff.  Faculty/staff are responsible for paying any ticket fines.
  • Visitors and guests of faculty/staff can also register their vehicles via the same link at no charge.
  • Faculty/staff will typically be assigned a “Zone” in which to park their vehicle. If there are no open parking spaces in their assigned zone, employees can utilize street parking or park in V Lot on Vine Street.  
  • Yellow curbing denotes a no parking/tow zone and red curbing denotes a fire lane/tow zone on the campus as well as in Middletown City Streets.  Parking along unmarked curbing is prohibited unless the pavement is denoted as a parking space with white or yellow lines.
  • Only those with F Lot Permits may park in F LOT


  1. Green Zone will consist of Lots X (55 High), U, R, D and Q.
  2. Blue Zone will consist of Lots S, B, X (55 High), Y and Z (45 Broad) lots.
  3. Purple Zone will consist of lots Y (56 Hamlin), A, H, Z and J.
  4. Orange Zone will consist of lots E, G, T, and N.
  5. Please note that Y And Z Lot are shared between the Blue and Purple Zones. 
  • Some buildings will be assigned a specific area as follows below:
  1. Cady School (P Lot): P Sticker on Hang Tag
  2. WesPress: WP sticker on hang tag, park in Driveway
  3. 51 Lawn: F Sticker on hang tag, park in F Lot
  4. Observatory: O sticker on hang tag, park in O Lot
  5. Writing Center: WC sticker in hang tag, park behind building
  6. SP Parking Pass: SP sticker on hang tag
  • Parking is first come, first served. There are no reserved/guaranteed spaces/lots and some lots/areas reach capacity, due to a limited parking in the core area of the campus. Please plan accordingly, as lots will fill up quickly and many people will have to park farther away from their building than they might have expected.
  • Parking areas are typically assigned by the building where the faculty/staff member works. If you teach or work in multiple buildings, please note that when you register your vehicle and send the information, as well, in an e-mail to parking@wesleyan.edu, so we can look to accommodate your parking needs.
  • Anyone with a handicap placard or any special parking needs, please e-mail parking@wesleyan.edu so we can work with your situation and provide the access that you need.
  • Faculty/staff cannot park in restricted parking spaces, such as “Admission Visitor Only” spaces or spaces marked requiring a specific pass from Public Safety.
  • Faculty/Staff who need to leave their vehicle overnight on campus need permission from Public Safety to do so and may be re assigned to another lot if needed.
  • Faculty/staff lots are open to visitors between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. on weekdays and from 5 p.m. Friday to 1 a.m. Monday morning unless otherwise noted.
  • Faculty/staff are prohibited from parking on the grass, turf, sidewalks, or along curbing/islands in parking lots or along/in fire lanes. Faculty/staff should be parking within a lined parking space to ensure that they are not obstructing the flow of traffic. Failure to do so may result in a ticket.
  • If there are any changes to you work location, or to your vehicle information, please update us by e-mailing parking@wesleyan.edu, with “Registration Update” as the subject.
  • Faculty/staff can appeal tickets by e-mailing Parking@wesleyan.edu with their ticket number in the subject line and their WesID and permit info in the body of the e-mail, along with the reason why their ticket should be waived. Appeals may also be submitted online via the Portfolio/Portal. Appeals by phone or in person will not be accepted.
  • Hangtags should be displayed on the rear view mirror, facing outwards.  If the hang tag does not fit, please put it on the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle where it will be visible from outside the vehicle.  We suggest using tape, Velcro or other such items to affix the hang tag to the dashboard so it doesn’t slide off or into the vents.  Velcro will be available at 208 High Street at no charge.


  • Electric vehicle charging stations are available for anyone to use to charge their vehicle.  Vehicles must be actively charging and/or waiting for charging in the space for no more than 8 hours.  A list of campus charging locations can be found HERE.  Please note that as of 10/25/23, there are fees associated with charging in certain spaces.  Please see the email from Andrew Plotkin.

Commuter Options

Wesleyan has teamed up with CTrides, a program of CT DOT, to help make it easier for you to commute to work more sustainably.  CTrides offers free bus trial rides, has a carpool ridematching service, and offers rewards for alternative commuting, too.   

You can sign up yourself at https://ctrides.agilemile.com/

We are also investigating two additional carpool matching services, miles2share and Waze Carpool.  We encourage you to check both services out and provide any feedback on them to sustainability@wesleyan.edu



By clicking I Agree to register my vehicle with Wesleyan University, I acknowledge that I have read and will follow the applicable Motor Vehicle Regulations.  Failure to follow the regulations may result in ticketing, booting or towing.

I Agree



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